Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BREAKING: Bombshell News on DOJ Perjury Imminent

Christian Adams, reporting at PJ Tatler, has heard “that PJ Media will run a story in the next 36 hours revealing bombshell instances of lying under penalty of perjury at the Justice Department.  I hear it involves criminal acts, and also, strangely, implicates congressional redistricting among other matters.  Stay turned to PJ Media for details.”

UPDATE I:  December 22, 2011
The Justice Department Condones Perjury…Again
Hans A. von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former commissioner on the Federal Election Commission reports that throughout 2005-2007, numerous attorney-client privileged documents, confidential personnel information, and other sensitive legal materials were leaked from inside the Voting Section to the Washington Post and various left-wing blogs.
Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi, a career employee in the Voting Section of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has confessed to committing perjury on three occasions, sources say.  Despite the admission, she has not been fired for criminal malfeasance; in fact, she has not been disciplined in any meaningful way.
Ms. Gyamfi is one of the most extreme partisans in the Civil Rights Division, no small distinction considering the competition among her Division colleagues. (Readers of Christian Adams’ recent book, Injustice, may recall seeing photos of Ms. Gyamfi’s Voting Section office walls filled with campaign signage supporting the election of Barack Obama.)

Read the whole thing here.

UPDATE II:  December 22, 2011
Culture of Lies Inside Obama Justice Department
Christian Adams has more on the culture of lies inside the Obama Justice Department.  He connects Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich to false statements given to Congress on both the Fast and Furious and the New Black Panther scandals.

One thing is clear, the Judiciary and Oversight committees in both chambers of Congress need to immediately get to the bottom of this.

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  1. News of perjury from the oxymoronically named Obama Justice department does not surprise me.

    Indictments for perjury from the Obama Justice department will surprise me.


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