Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Bedwetter

Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto was shocked, shocked I tell you, over President Trump’s nonchalant announcement Monday that he is taking hydroxychloroquine along with zinc as a preventative measure against the pandemic Chinese Lung Rot.

“Whatever benefit the President says this has — and certainly has had for those suffering from malaria, dealing with lupus — this is a leap that should not be taken casually by those watching at home or assuming, ‘well, the President of the United States says it’s okay.”

“Those who took it, in a vulnerable population, including those with respiratory or other conditions, they died. I want to stress again — they died. If you are in a risky population here and you are taking this as a preventative treatment to ward off the virus or, in a worst-case scenario, you are dealing with the virus, and you are in this vulnerable population, it will kill you. I cannot stress that enough. This will kill you.”

For the record, President Trump receives the highest caliber medical care on planet Earth.  You can read the Physician to the President Dr. Sean Conley’s memo regarding his taking the drug.
At least two White House staffers tested positive for the coronavirus this month, both of whom had access to the President: his Navy valet who serves him meals and Vice President Mike Pence's Press Secretary Katie Miller.

I want to point out that “Karen” Cavuto interviewed Dr. Bob Lahita who towed the fear-mongering line we’ve all heard for weeks now. 
But then those dire warnings were torched when Dr. Janette Nesheiwat declared she thought the President’s decision to try the drug as a preventative measure was “very smart.” She added, “I think it is good to have this medication in our toolbox along with remdesivir while we wait for a vaccine to become approved.” 
There is no such thing as an infallible doctor .

It is abundantly clear that COVID-19 has become highly politicized.  It is frightening to think that a patient/physician decision on a regimen of treatment must become a political football.
Take for instance the interference being run against Dallas physician, Dr. Ivette Lozano.

Lozano told Texas Scorecard she encountered the loss of liberty in her medical practice as she treated patients infected with the coronavirus. “One hundred percent of my patients have recovered very nicely,” she said. “Within 24 to 48 hours, all symptoms are gone with medications that cost about $25-30 in pharmacies.”

Lozano soon found herself hitting a brick wall in the form of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. “All of these pharmacies, and all of these pharmacists, have requested that when I write that prescription for hydroxychloroquine, it be submitted with a diagnosis or the medication is not filled,” Lozano said. “The pharmacy board actually passed a mandate for the pharmacist that every time this medication is written, you have to ask and document the actual diagnosis.”

That mandate is unlawful according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

The bottom line is do not take any medication without consulting with your primary care physician or specialist first.

I used to write “Be well” whenever I would post comments at blogs I frequently visit at the height of this god-awful pandemic.  I no longer do so.  Instead, I write “Be free.”


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