Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Trump You Magnificent Bastard, I See What You Did There

Jack Holmes, Politics Editor for Esquire, tells a harrowing tale of a crisp autumn dusk punctured by the metallic roar of a helicopter engine.
“In the brave new world of the Trump White House, where there has not been a White House press briefing in over eight months, “Chopper Talk” is among the only opportunities members of the press have to question a principal member of the administration. And around three out of four times, members of the White House press told me, [the President will] come over to take questions. It has become an essential event.”
“The White House press are people who have reached what has traditionally been viewed as the pinnacle of American political journalism, waiting—and jostling—to ask the President a question no one can hear over the deafening hum of Marine One, only for him to yell about whatever the hell he wants and ignore attempts at a follow-up question. Sometimes, Trump will spot someone he considers an enemy of the state and jab a finger in their direction while saying the magic words: ‘You’re Fake News!’ On television, it appears as if the president is up against a pack of faceless jackals, baying at him for a quote.”
Forced to stand on the edge of the South Lawn, it’s bad in the winter and worse in the summer packed into a rugby scrum waiting and sweating with the D.C. swamp heat setting into every pore of your skin.

Holmes expounds on the “ritual abuse” noting on one particular occasion Marine One “came in low”, sweeping over the South Lawn swooshing the water of the fountain in the middle ground ahead of the Washington Monument.  “As it touched down, the gale-force waves of autumn air it whipped up sent an Arctic chill and plenty of projectile leaves hurtling towards the press corps.  After a minute or two, the rotors stopped and all that remained was the growling whirr (sic) of the motor.”

Oh, the humanity.  It’s just like storming the beaches of Omaha.  Nebraska, that is.

Karma’s a bitch ain’t it?  Your litany of lies and smears have come back to bite you on your fourth point of contact and you’re whining like little babies.  All I know or even care about is CNN’s showboating Jim Acosta has folded like a cheap suit and no longer are we tortured by his insipid “Dear Diary” entries.
UPDATE:  Welcome readers of Whatfinger News. 

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