Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Motion Picture Academy Of Arts And Sciences Keeps Trying To Pick Up A Turd By The Clean End

Ever since Billy Crystal passed the baton as emcee of the Oscars in 2004, the Academy has struggled to find the right person to host what has become garbage television.

Those who succeeded Crystal have vowed never to do it again.  Contrast that with the glory days of the Oscars when Johnny Carson hosted five times, Crystal nine times and Bob Hope an unprecedented eighteen times.

Nowadays, the host is expected to boost the ratings of the annual ceremony that spent 20 years kissing Harvey Weinstein’s ass, be funny without being tawdry, topical without being controversial and politically savvy without being too partisan.

Comedian Kevin Hart stepped down as Oscars host just two days after he was named in the role, amid anger over a series of mostly deleted homophobic tweets he posted from 2009 to 2011.

Hollywood is full of hypocrites and knee-jerk political activism with deep ties to the Democrat Party and I think its hysterically funny the Academy is scrambling to find a “suitable candidate” amid concerns the ceremony’s ratings continue to sink like a stone.

Maybe Hollywood should enter into a contract with Boston Dynamics to create a funnybot that would supply inoffensive humor to the perpetually aggrieved or better still, they could stop giving themselves so many meaningless awards.

The Babylon Bee tweeted an interesting solution:

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