Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hogwash From The Former First Sow

Earlier this month, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue signed a proclamation that began dismantling the federal school lunch guidelines that was the pet project of Michelle Obama.  And now, from her moral high ground, the former First Lady is taking the Trump Administration to task.

According to the US Department of Agriculture website “schools have been facing increasing fiscal burdens as they attempt to adhere to existing, stringent nutrition requirements.”  The USDA figures show school food requirements cost school districts and states an additional $1.22 billion with a B in 2015.

While costs have gone up, student participation has plummeted as about 1 million students tossed the revolting slop in the garbage can.  Schools are left with decreased revenues and increased costs.

Mrs. O is some more pissed off at the Trump Administration and she popped off during the hour-long annual conference sponsored by the Partnership for a Healthier America.  She was joined onstage by the Obama’s personal chef.  Oh, the irony.

"You have to stop and think, why don't you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you and why is that a partisan issue?" Mrs. Obama said. "Why would that be political?"

"Moms, think about this. I don't care what state you live in, take me out of the equation, like me, don't like me, but think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap," she said.
The First Sow and The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer dined on opulent meals.  Their state dinners often cost $4700 per attendee.  The White House chefs prepared menu items such as  Sweet Potato Agnolotti with Butter and Sage, Warm Butternut Squash Salad with Frisée and Pecorino di New York, Beef Braciola Pinwheel with Horseradish Gremolata and Broccoli Rapini, Green Apple Crostata with Thyme Caramel and Buttermilk Gelato and dessert was an array of petit fours:  Sweet Corn Cream and Blackberry Cup, Concord Grape Bittersweet Chocolate Leaf, Orange Fig Slice, Pumpkins Cranberry Tart and Tiramisu.

It’s no wonder The First Sow’s lardass is as big as the side of a house.

The Obama’s lived high on the hog.  Three years ago CBS News obtained the Office of Protocol’s expense calculations for the first five state dinners of the Obama presidency.  It was an unprecedented $1,966,933.71 or just under half a million dollars each.

Requests for information about state dinners after 2012 made by Rep. Darrell Issa were completely ignored. 

Marie Antoinette, call your office.

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