Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CNN: Two-Thirds Of Its Own Viewers DO NOT Trust The Network

Voters still remain dubious of much of the political news they are getting.  According to a Rasmussen Reports Poll published on January 4, 2017 of viewers who watch Fox News most often, 50% say they trust the political news they are getting. That compares to 43% of MSNBC viewers and just 33% who tune in mostly to CNN.  That means two-thirds of CNN’s own viewers do not trust “the most trusted name in news.”

CNN’s share of viewers will likely see a downward slide into oblivion when the next poll is taken; after all they led the charge on fake news with the phony Russian dossier filled with wild and salacious falsehoods about Donald Trump.

Let’s not forget about Don Lemon defending four black racists who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled man while live streaming it on Facebook or frequent guest Marc Lamont Hill who called for rioting in Baltimore and called African-Americans willing to serve in the Trump Administration as “mediocre negroes.”

So CNN Money headlined a story on their website, “Why A Defiant Girl Is Staring Down The Wall Street Bull.”  State Street Global Advisers installed a bronze statue called “Fearless Girl” in front of the famed “Charging Bull” statue a day before International Women’s Day to “bring attention to an initiative to get more women on their clients’ corporate boards”.  Beneath the girl’s feet is a plaque which reads:  Know the power of women in leadership.  She makes a difference.

Anxious to show Feminazis the cable network has their back, they re-promoted the days-old piece with a tweet implying it had some sort of feminist significance:
You wanna talk impressivethe Mona Lisa has been smiling for 513 years despite her continuing presence in France and the four presidents carved into Mount Rushmore have remained vigilant for 90 years despite periods of brutal cold and sweltering heat. 

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