Sunday, January 22, 2017

Who Cares? Give It A Rest Already.

The butt-hurt media poodles have had a field day comparing the crowd size of The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer’s inauguration to that of Trump’s.

What the shills did to bolster their point was to set photographs side by side of the National Mall taken at 11:04 AM for Trump’s swearing in and the other guy’s at 11:30 AM.

With clear security threats that were telegraphed by anarchists weeks before the event, a massive number of checkpoints for screening made getting to the venue difficult if not impossible.  Troublemakers had threatened to throw chains on the Metro rails to stop the trains from running.  People with jobs weren’t able to attend.  Paid protesters, paid dissidents and George Soros backed anarchists made every effort to disrupt Trump’s inaugural.

The media will not know exactly how many people attended Trump’s inauguration until a final count is released in a few weeks according to a published report.

Their argument is irrelevant.  Trump got a bigger crowd on the National Mall for his inauguration than Hillary.

Trump’s inauguration ratings were the second highest in 36 years according to Nielsen.  The event was seen by 30.6 million viewers across 12 networks.

And actually, Trump might have been seen by more viewers than either Obama or Reagan. Nielsen ratings do not account for online viewing, which has grown sharply in recent years and is far more commonplace than even four years ago. CNN, for example, clocked 16.9 million streams on its website, tying with Election Day for the site’s top event.

Fox News topped all networks with its coverage, averaging 8.8 million viewers for the day and peaking with 11 million viewers from noon to 1 PM. This was the highest-rated inauguration coverage in the network’s history. While on broadcast, NBC was first with 5.8 million viewers for the day.

The big broadcast networks, big newspapers, activists and intellectuals, pundits and columnists of the left oppose, even hate Trump, and will not let up because their corrupt, haggard, lying-her-ass-off Granny lost a winnable election.

Why is the left in such hysterics over Trump’s inauguration? Everyone’s had two months to get their affairs in order.  Hee hee.
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