Monday, November 28, 2016

Obama's Nothingburger Eulogy of Fidel Castro

Why do people always say "it goes without saying", and then proceed to fill the air with words? What's worse, is to fill the air with meaningless words. Case in point: Barack Obama.

I'm sure Barack Obama would love to be remembered as an outstanding orator if not a statesman. I think he pays his speechwriters extra if they throw in some bit of unusual and flowery language that someone else might find profound, but mostly sounds stilted. But then, since he has said he's a better speechwriter than his speechwriters, there's reason to believe that this particular bit of nonsense may have been penned by the President himself!
"History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and the world around him."
Really? Really?? This may be profound in the "water is wet" school of oratory, but, please! This particular bit of nothingburger could have been written about virtually any national or world leader, good or bad, throughout history. You could say it about Churchill or Mussolini. You could say it about Pol Pot or the Pope. You could say it about Henry VIII or Idi Amin. You could say it about Hitler or Stalin. Or even Obama! Change the gender of the pronoun and you could say it about Maggie Thatcher, Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc!

"History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and the world around him" reaches new depths of shallow. Plug in any of the names above or supply your own, and tell me it isn't true.

I suspect the President has a copy of "How to Say As Little As Possible in As Many Words As Possible With a Straight Face or Condescending Look For Dummies."

Or maybe he wrote the book???

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

Men who have pierced ears are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 Iron Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide Vs Auburn Tigers

No. 1 Alabama clinched the SEC West Championship (its third straight) two Saturdays ago when it drubbed Mississippi State 51-3 and Auburn lost to Georgia 13-7.

The Dawgs had possession of the ball for 39 minutes of the game and made 21 first downs compared to the Tigers’ paltry 10.  UGA had 208 passing yards and 135 rushing yards.  Auburn was in control in the first half but when the Dawgs returned after halftime the game’s momentum swung in their favor.

The 81st meeting in the rivalry game known as the Iron Bowl will kick off at 3:30 PM ET at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  CBS will carry the game. The Crimson Tide won six of the last eight slobberknockers including the last two games.  Bama leads the series 44-35-1.

Auburn last won at Bryant-Denny in 2010 when Cam Newton was under center.  The Tigers come to Tuscaloosa banged up pretty bad.  Unsurprisingly War Eagle is the heavy underdog in this game.  The Tide has a 78.8% chance of taking the Tigers by their tail and beating the snot out of them.

Will Sean White’s shoulder injury keep him out of the Iron Bowl?  Will star running back Kamryn Pettway be well enough to play after sitting out the last two games?  Head Coach Gus Malzahn is hopeful he can play them both.  They’re going to need them badly to even have a shot at taking down the Tide.

The rivalry between these two schools has long been recognized as one of the most heated in the country.  Auburn is beaten down and desperate.  That’s no way to come into Tuscaloosa—with the Houndstooth, the Rammer Jammer, the bragging fans, the Finebaum freaks and the Kiffin troll game—but come they must however demoralized they may be.  They’re asking themselves isn’t four national titles in seven years enough?  Nope.  No it isn’t.

I saw on ESPN’s Gameday two Saturdays ago that Washington wanted Bama?  Really?  Don’t make me laugh.  The Huskies got beaten by USC 26-13.  Bama annihilated the team that beat them on September 3rd 52-6. Surely nobody has ever won five titles in eight years, have they?  Hmmmm.

And finally, anyone who follows this blog knows that I am steeped in Alabama football and a reverence for Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant which goes all the way back to my childhood.  I learned to love the game my daddy loved.  He would be proud of the boys from Tuscaloosa.  And, I swear, I can hear him hootin’ and hollerin’ up there in Heaven after every victory.

Coach Bryant is hoisted on the shoulders of his team after completing an undefeated regular season. The first nationally televised Iron Bowl featured Alabama quarterback Joe Namath and receiver Ray Perkins who led the Tide to a 21 - 14 victory over the Auburn Tigers in the November 26, 1964 matchup held at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo credit:  Robert Adams/The Birmingham News)


How Much Postage on an Express Letter to the North Pole?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Dog's Life, Revisited

The author and his dog*
One of the small joys I have experienced over the years came in the form of a small mixed breed dog. His name will be revealed in the telling...

He was a stray who showed up at my Mom's house. My older brother had a golden Labrador retriever, named Al, acquired while he was stationed in Spain. Al was gentle as could be, except with cats and other male dogs. So here comes this little white, poodle-terrier mix up onto the front porch and just sits there, while my brother's dog snarls and growls madly on the other side of the screen door, wanting to tear this intruder limb from limb. Little white dog refuses to run away. (Nobody ever claimed he was too bright!)

I was visiting my Mom, that evening and we noticed that the dog had a turquoise blue leather, rhinestone studded collar, but no license. His curly hair was not matted at all, as it would be had he been neglected for any time at all, so we figured he belonged to somebody. He came along home until his owner could be found. Surely his owner would be looking for him. And if he had an owner, then he also had a name, which we didn't know, so we didn't call him anything.

Days passed and no one claimed the pooch. And nearly every night, because he wasn't well housebroken, the dog would defecate in the house. And nearly every morning, I would step in a pile of dog poop on my way to the bathroom or kitchen in the dark. (To this day, I can't tell you which is worse...stepping barefoot in cold dog poop or warm dog poop.) And I would tell the animal, "You're just a pooper dog, that's all you're good for!"

The longer he stayed and the longer I called him Pooper, the name stuck. So, now I have a ridiculous dog with a ridiculous name. And of course, having a ridiculous name, how ridiculous would I look calling for him to come home when he'd wandered? So I taught him to come when I whistled, to save us both the embarrassment.

He was a character. He would play with an old, vinyl covered metal clothesline balled up in a twisted lump. He would stick his muzzle into the twisted wire and shake it back and forth as if it were a small animal. David Livingston spoke of how a lion would take a man in its mouth and shake him “as a terrier would a rat”. Or as a Pooper dog would shake a clothesline! He would roll on his back and pretend he was fighting some fierce beast. One day, when I saw him playing this little game, he didn't know I was nearby. When I spoke his name, he dropped the wire... and gave me the most sheepish look of embarrassment that I've ever seen on an animal.

An oscillating sprinkler was all it took to amuse him in the summer. He would leap up and try to bite the water as it sprayed up into the air. And he was always up for a good game of Catch the Tongue. He would stick out his tongue, I would gently catch it between my fingers. He would pull his tongue back. Rinse and repeat.

Oddly enough, he never uttered a sound the first few weeks we had him. But as soon as he felt at home, his territorial urges must have kicked in. Now he had to bark all the time, especially at the mailman! This interloper came around six days a week, right up to his very own front door! The effrontery! So Pooper would bark and bark and bark and jump up and down at the front door as if to say, "Let me at him! If this door wasn't here, I'd rip his legs off!"

Over time, a hole got ripped in the screen door and Pooper could let himself in and out through the hole. Then, when the front door was open and nothing but a hole in the screen separated the dog and his prey, the postman approached. The dog barked and barked and jumped up and down as if to say, "Let me at him! If this door wasn't here, I'd rip his legs off!" same as before, but, it was all bluff! After the postman left, Pooper slipped out through the screen to make sure the postman was gone and then he’d come sedately back in. A poseur in today's vernacular!

He used to climb a stack of firewood up to the top of the redwood fence around the side of our house and walk around the top of the fence on the two by four stringer. It was funny to see this small dog stick his head over the top of a six foot high fence and peer over at you.

When fire trucks would pass nearby, sirens blaring, all the local dogs would bark or howl. Except Pooper, who would stand on the stringer on top of the rear fence and throw his head back, looking like a little, white timberwolf silhouetted against the fenceline, as if he was howling, only no sound would come out. It was a silent howl, which, I suppose, made him feel a part of the canine brotherhood, as if he was contributing to the alarm, in solidarity with his noisy brethren. In his spirit, he was howling.

He was a funny little companion. I loved him and he loved us. When my ex and I had our first child, we were afraid that Pooper might be jealous. We'd read of such things and feared he might even hurt the baby. Our fears were groundless. From the beginning, Pooper seemed to understand that these crawling, mewling rugrats were part of his home and needed to be defended from all intruders, even when they crawled on the floor and raided his kibble dish. I can't tell you how many times I picked up a baby with brown gravy running down its chin!

One day, dog and children were in the front yard and a Doberman Pinscher three times Pooper's size came walking down the sidewalk. That little dog ran full tilt, fiercely growling and barking and chased it out of the yard. I'm sure the Doberman was taken aback at the ferocity of the unprovoked attack, but that little dog would have died before it let anything or anyone past him to get to those children.

He loved to run. When we moved out to the country, he would race around the fields, bounding through the tall grass like a small gazelle. He was a joy to watch. He was a joy. How does one explain or understand such love and loyalty? What strange attractor brought him to my Mom's front porch the day I would be there to take him home?

When he died, I buried him at the edge of a large field under a simple piece of granite, where the deer graze and small dogs run like gazelles without being tired.

Sometimes, joy finds you. And even considering all the “poop” I put up with, literally, and figuratively, I could not put a price on this small miracle. Nor would I trade that small life for clean floors and clean feet and the void I did not know he filled.

A simple tale to share the love and loyalty that cannot be bought and cannot be sold. I guess if men are dogs, this is the one I want to be when I grow up.

-Originally published 10/8/2008

*Not a recent picture!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, and I thought I finished all my Christmas shopping yesterday, but then, I saw these and knew what I was getting Curmudgeon for Christmas!

(Ssssh! It'll be our little secret! Don't tell her!!)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Alabama Crimson Tide Vs UT-Chattanooga Mocs

It’s Cupcake Week for the Boys from Tuscaloosa.   Lowly Chattanooga goes up against the mighty Crimson Tide in Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Kickoff is 7:00 PM ET on ESPN2.

Last Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Auburn Tigers making Alabama the 2016 SEC West Champions.  We still don’t know who the SEC East Least champ will be.  Seems there isn’t any team interested in winning it.

Alabama owns the series with the Chattanooga Mocs 12-0-0.  Maybe the Mocs can pull off one of the greatest football upsets in college history against the Tide. 

Come on man.  ‘Nooga has a 0.6% chance of beating Bama.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Saving the Environment, One Burning Tire at a Time

We are often treated to the myth of the Native American Noble Savage, living in peace and harmony with the environment. Yeah. Right! 

I saw this story a couple weeks ago, but for some reason other things have been in the news lately. Exhibit "A" is that noble North Dakotan tribe, protesting an oil pipeline that would come in close proximity to native lands. Not on, close! To protest what they believe could be a potential threat to the environment, they create an actual threat to the environment! 

Nothing says "I want to save the environment"" like burning old tires!

I know there's a "smoke signal" joke in there somewhere!

Update: Thanks to William Teach over at Pirates Cove for linking to us here!

A Failed Legacy Filled With Bitterness

The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer leaves behind a Western world that is weaker and poorer than the one he inherited.  The American middle class continues its decline.  Russia is asserting it military might.  China is wielding its economic strength.
We are learning today through a published report in the New York Post President-elect Trump may have to work outside the Oval Office for up to a year because President Stompyfoot  allegedly refused to renovate it bulletproof glass and other security features the Secret Service would not comment on.

“My understanding is that for the first year of his time in office, President Trump will not have the Oval Office,' former senior advisor to President Bush Karl Rove said.  “President Obama could have told the Secret Service, ‘I know you want to modernize the Oval Office with security enhancements—literally strip it down to the bare walls and build it back up so we’ve got bullet proof glass and so forth and so on, security arrangements in it, in my last year in office. But Instead he said, ‘Why don’t you do that [with] whoever comes next so the president of the United States, President Trump, my understanding is, will spend most of his first year using Richard Nixon’s old office in the Old Executive Office Building across executive drive and up the Navy steps."

What a spiteful little man.

Remember when he changed the rug in the Oval Office?  New York Magazine memorialized the change saying his predecessor’s rug with golden sunbeams radiating out from the presidential seal depicting optimism was replaced with a "new America-hating" rug with a noticeably thinner bald eagle at the center of the presidential seal and a ring of iconic hopeful quotations from five American legends.

You’ll also remember the international incident that arose from Obama sending the Churchill bust back to the British Embassy along with all other art lent to him as President Bush’s presidency came to an end.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who at times campaigned for president-elect Donald Trump, said the Churchill bust will take back its rightful place in the White House to show solidarity with the UK.

Farage told Express in the UK:
“At the end of our time with Trump we asked him if the bust of Sir Winston Churchill that Obama had removed from the Oval Office could be put back in its rightful place. He enthusiastically thought that was a good idea. Need I say more?” 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Can We Really Be So Lucky?

Hungry for a generational change, younger Democrats like Tim Ryan (D-OH) are anxious to end Nancy Pelosi’s 14 year reign as leader in the House of Representatives.  Ryan has serious questions about her judgment.  Pelosi, you’ll remember, played a major role in the passing of the Affordable Care Act in order to find out what was in it.

On Wednesday she sent a “Dear Colleague” letter to the 193 current and incoming members asking for their support but making clear she already had more than enough commitments to win.

“It is with both humility and confidence that I write to request your support for House Democratic Leader. As of this writing, I am pleased to report the support of more than two-thirds of the Caucus,” she wrote.

To make the decimation of the Democrat Party complete having Nancy lose her leadership position in the House and saying sayonara as we point and laugh at weaselly Harry Reid and The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer in one fell swoop would be DEE-LISH-OUS.

Spotlit Pianos And The Golden Age Of Drama Queenery

Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon, known for her impersonations of Granny Clinton for NBC’s comedy show gave a self-pitying performance of the late Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" last weekend.

The song was a goodbye to many things—to the idea of Hillary as America's first female president, to Cohen who died the day before the election and to McKinnon's portrayal of Clinton. (According to the New York Daily News, Alec Baldwin who portrayed Donald Trump opposite McKinnon hinted he would not continue in that role past Election Day.  He, like all the other snowflakes, believed Granny would win.)
Let the schadenfreude flourish with this parody of an unintentional parody of “Hallelujah”.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Watch As Tucker Carlson Scorches Zeke Emanuel Over Doomed Obamacare

With help from Republican lawmakers, president-elect Trump will follow through on his campaign promise to get rid of Obamacare  His campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told "Fox News Sunday" the president-elect was considering convening a special session of Congress on the day he's sworn in to repeal Obamacare.

John Barrasso, an orthopedic surgeon for 24 years and the fourth-ranking member of the Senate GOP leadership, promised a smooth transition for the millions of Americans who receive health insurance through the laughably titled Affordable Care Act.  Barrasso reassured everyone they won’t be left out in the cold without coverage.

The weaselly brother of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel owes America an apology for the rolling disaster of skyrocketing premiums, insurers pulling out of exchanges and rising costs of health care. 

Of course, when the interviewers point out these facts “Zeke” always gets huffy and demands being allowed to filibuster.  He has said, “If we get rid of the exchanges, it’s going to be very hard to see how you get universal coverage.”

That’s the whole point.  Americans don’t want single payer health insurance like Great Britain or Canada and Trump promised to repeal and replace it.

And then there's this:

Jeb Bush To Be Secretary Of Low Energy In Trump Administration

Donald J. Trump’s transition team, headed by Vice President-elect Mike Pence is moving quickly to assemble leaders of the new administration.

The New York Times is reporting that in addition to the announcement on Sunday that Reince Priebus had been appointed White House Chief of Staff and Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor, John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani were under consideration as Secretary of State and Sarah Palin Interior Secretary.

What the Gray Lady missed apparently was the news that Jeb Bush would fill the office of Secretary of Low Energy.

NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEY:  There is no such cabinet post.

Monday, November 14, 2016

His & Hers Towel Set

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest raised some eyebrows last Wednesday by leaving the door open on the question of whether The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer would pardon Granny Clinton before leaving office.

There is an avalanche of evidence of felony law violations involving the mishandling of classified information, destruction of government files and pay-to-play mechanisms via the State Department directed to the Clinton Foundation which made Bubba and Granny fabulously wealthy.

It’s not uncommon for couples to have His & Hers towel sets in their bathroom.  Along with her home-brew server right there in the bathroom at Chappaqua are Bubba and Granny's towels.

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

“To attract men, I wear a perfume called New Car Interior.”—Rita Rudner

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Alabama Crimson Tide Vs Mississippi State Bulldogs

Picture ithigh noon at Bryant-Denny Stadium—the 4-5 Mississippi State Bulldogs take the field in front of 102,000 rabid Bama fans who are there to see their 9-0 Crimson Tide wage battle against the upstarts who did the improbable by defeating an over-hyped fourth-ranked Texas A&M 35-28 last Saturday.
That win boosted the morale of the Bullpuppies faithful.  Who can blame them?  After all, the Cubbies won the World Series and Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States.  Anything can happen right?
LSU wore our ass out last Saturday.  Bama must remain undefeated heading into Cupcake Week against the unranked Chattanooga Mocs and beyond that against Auburn in the Iron Bowl.
Past is prologue.  The Bulldogs have lost the last 8 contests against the Crimson Tide. The Boys from Tuscaloosa own the series 78-18-3 and is a 29-point favorite today.  ESPN’s Matchup Predictor gives Alabama a 95.8% chance of beating MSST.
Coach Saban is working on a streak of eight consecutive 10-win seasons.  Can he catch Bobby Bowden’s record?  His streak will expand to 9 after today’s game.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge - A Review

I do not feel compelled to write reviews of every movie I see. I don't see that many, and those I do see seldom rise above a certain formulaic mediocrity. Not so with Hacksaw Ridge.

This is the true story of Desmond T. Doss, played convincingly by Andrew Garfield, as an Army Medic, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, charging into the Hell of battle without a weapon, to become the first Conscientious Objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

The movie has a much greater scope than I had imagined. After a brief glimpse of the Hell that was to come, we see a flashback to Desmond's childhood, experiences planting the seeds of the man he will become. We meet his Dad, a WWI veteran, haunted by the ghosts of his past and survivor's guilt, masterfully played by Hugo Weaving. He and Rachel Griffiths, who plays his Mom, come across as genuine, three dimensional people, instead of some stereotypical caricature of rural religious folk.

We next see Desmond as a young adult at the outbreak of WWII. The courtship of his future wife, his travails in basic training, his struggle to stay in the Army (and out of Federal Prison) for holding fast to his beliefs.

The movie is interspersed with humor and heart. The story is compelling and well told. The casting is excellent. The direction and cinematography are both remarkable. The violence is quite graphic, so this movie is not for the very young or faint of spirit. Wait for the toned down edited for TV version.

Trigger warning: There are no delicate snowflakes in this movie. Safe spaces are few and far between. There is some cursing, a lot of violence, and (cover the ears of the children) people of faith who read the Bible and pray! One scene is of a church choir that you cannot unsee!

I very seldom give any movie I see a superlative five out of five stars. For that, the movie must truly be a timeless classic, not just an entertaining pastime or good popcorn movie. Given the very strict standards with which I grade movies, I give Hacksaw Ridge, five out of five stars. I won't say that it is the best war movie I've ever seen. It may be the best movie I've ever seen.

Do yourself a favor and go see it.

Roger Goodell Needs A Clue Bat

According to The New York Times NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said on Thursday the league was looking at a variety of ways to shorten game broadcasts, including trimming some advertising, to keep the action moving.

The league has seen its television ratings plunge this season, something that Goodell has said is related to a number of factors, including the intense interest in the presidential election, as well as shifts in the way fans have been watching games.

Goodell noted, though, that the pace of games could also be a factor in the ratings decline. Fans have complained for years that games are too long, and they frequently express annoyance at the number of commercial breaks and video reviews. He also said he was aware of a surge of complaints that officials were botching calls on the field.

The commissioner floated the notion there the election of Donald Trump as president may have impacted the ratings.  Roger, you simp.  There’s a boycott going on.  Are you that effing stupid?  Ignoring a problem does not make it disappear.

People are fed up with convicted criminals, wife beaters, cheaters and dissidents being on team rosters.  They’re tired of showboats like Kaepernick and Newton.  They’re angry over the disrespect being shown to our flag, our military and our national anthem and, frankly, to the fans themselves.

Until he addresses those issues he will continue to see his precious ratings do a big, fat swirly in his NFL toilet. 

And They Said We Were Done With The Clintons

The New York Post published a report yesterday saying Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for the congressional seat held by New York City’s 17th Congressional District held by Nita Lowey.  Lowey’s district includes parts of Rockland and Westchester counties and, conveniently Chappaqua, the Clinton family home base.
That’s going to take some industrial grade grooming given the fact she has none of the political skills or body parts of her dad and none of the inveterate lying and proclivity for corruption of her mother.
Why, when we thought the Clinton political dynasty was finally dead, would Bubba and Granny burden America with her?  ANSWER:  You can’t pay the Clinton Foundation for influence unless you have influence.

UPDATE:  Welcome Evil Blogger Lady readers.  We thank EBL for linking to this post.

Revenge Of The Deplorables

Liberals turned “economic anxiety” into a meme that belittled anyone who didn’t find their life wonderful.  Their popular culture laughed at them.  The "basket of deplorables" took note.

Trump didn’t just win in small towns, though he galvanized communities there. He surged in the aspirational exurbs where conservatives rule culturally. He also surged in Rust Belt communities that voted for Barack Obama twice. Places like Scranton, PA; Youngstown, OH; Janesville, WI; Orange County, FL; places that have trended Democratic for decades. Even union households voted in high numbers for Trump.

When our betters woke up after Election Night they were left wondering what the hell happened and questioned how it was that their influence wasn’t more convincing to the great unwashed.  Their relentless mockery is exactly what fueled the uprising.

Democrats smugly reassured themselves that a new majority of women, Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, gays and lesbians, immigrants, and Muslims would be an unstoppable coalition.  Seems they were wrong.  The forgotten man who had been left behind these last eight years became a prairie fire.

There’s Always Room For Comey

Bill Cosby, the guy who became known as “America’s Dad” for his role as Dr. Cliff Huxtable in the popular 1980s TV sitcom The Cosby Show, is no longer the funny man who felt like family to so many viewers.

The now infamous Cosby has been accused of preying on upwards of 58 women by sedating them and rendering them incapable of resisting his sexual assaults.

His sitcom celebrity won him a contract with Kraft Foods the maker Jello™ Pudding Pops.  When Cosby was accused of sexual misconduct the company took steps to rebrand the product.

“The first step is to rebrand Pudding Pops,” said Product Manager Katharine Parkinson. “The shape and color of some of our Pudding Pops have taken on negative associations through no fault of our own,” she stressed. “We don’t want people to think of Bill Cosby when they put a Pudding Pop into their mouths, or the mouths of their children. Unfortunately, our chocolate Pop is too suggestive of the very acts Bill Cosby is being accused of committing.  We’re protecting a wholesome, cherished treat enjoyed by millions of people around the world.”

Reuters News Service reported the other day Cosby’s homeowner’s insurance company; American International Group (AIG) must defend him against three civil defamation lawsuits in Massachusetts.

AIG had sought declarations that Cosby's policies excused it from defending and indemnifying him against personal injury claims "arising out of" sexual misconduct, as distinct from personal injury claims such as defamation.

The women had alleged that Cosby harmed their reputations, including through his representatives, by calling them liars after they publicized their allegations.

Because Hillary Clinton eluded prosecution from FBI Director James Comey for her misuse of classified emails, Cosby asked his judge for Hillary’s attorney.

NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEY:  The last paragraph is untrue but wouldn’t surprise any of us now would it?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hillary’s Concession Speech

"If Your Disappointment Lasts More Than Four Hours..."

Go Home. It’s Over.

A little after 2:00 AM ET this morning at what was supposed to be a victory party, Granny Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta took the stage at the Javits Center in New York City and told her supporters to go home.

“Some states are too close to call. We’re not going to have anything more to say tonight.” he told them.

Bueller.  Bueller.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Nothing To See Here Folks! America Is In The Best Of Hands!

FBI Director James Comey said Sunday that the agency has reviewed all of the Hillary Clinton emails recently discovered in an unrelated case and that his conclusion in July not to prosecute Clinton after the FBI’s original investigation into her use of a private email server still stands.

Comey informed Congress on Oct. 28 that the agency would in the unrelated case review additional emails related to Clinton’s time running the State Department from 2009 to 2013.

“Since my letter, the FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails,” Comey said Sunday in a follow-up letter to Congress. “During that time we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hilary Clinton as secretary of state. Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusion.”
That’s the same Cheryl Mills who has been potentially implicated by Wikileaks emails. She’s the person who said, “We need to clean this up.” 

Al Franken Is Nervous About Trump

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said early Sunday that he is "nervous" about the presidential race two days before Election Day.

"A lot of Democrats out there are nervous. Are you among them?" Jake Tapper asked the senator on CNN's State of the Union.

"Oh, sure. I'm always nervous. I was nervous in '12. I was nervous in '08 — for good reason," Franken replied.

He and other Hillary sycophants have besodden themselves after hearing Trump was visiting Minneapolis-St. Paul today and Pence would be in Duluth on Monday.

The quick visit puts Trump’s face behind his claim that he can win Minnesota, which last voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 1972, along with other traditionally Democratic states. The visit also gives Trump access to the crucial voters of western Wisconsin, a swing state in nearly every poll.

Minnesota polling has shown Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a lead in the single digits, but Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey said the election has been moving in Republicans’ direction both here and nationwide.

He added that when he goes to canvassing centers, he tells volunteers: "Many of you have jobs. Many of you have families. Ignore them. Get on the doors."

This is virtually the same thing he said in July at the Democratic National Convention, “Many of you have jobs. Many of you have families. Ignore them. Let me tell you something: kids love it when their parents aren't home. And let me tell you something else. An 8-year-old knows how to use a microwave. And let me tell you something else. An 8-year-old can teach a 4-year-old how to use a microwave. That's just scientific fact. They'll be fine. You have work to do. Get on those phones. Knock on those doors. And tell 'em Al Franken sent you.”

Franken, an alleged comedian, gained notoriety for his role as Stuart Smalley; an effeminate man with a perfectly coiffed bleached-blonde hairdo wearing a powder blue cardigan sweater on Saturday Night Live during the 1990s.  Of course he’s nervous about Tuesday’s presidential election.  After all, he’s only in the Senate because of voter shenanigans at the ballot box involving Lizard People.

NOTE:  I have updated his Smalley character for this post.

Obama Tells Illegals They Won’t Get Caught Committing Voter Fraud

No Mrs. Doubtfire: Clinton Directed Her Maid To Print Out Classified Materials

The New York PostAs secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.

In fact, Marina Santos was called on so frequently to receive e-mails that she may hold the secrets to E-mailgate — if only the FBI and Congress would subpoena her and the equipment she used.

Clinton entrusted far more than the care of her DC residence, known as Whitehaven, to Santos. She expected the Filipino immigrant to handle state secrets, further opening the Democratic presidential nominee to criticism that she played fast and loose with national security.

Clinton would first receive highly sensitive e-mails from top aides at the State Department and then request that they, in turn, forward the messages and any attached documents to Santos to print out for her at the home.

Among other things, Clinton requested Santos print out drafts of her speeches, confidential memos and “call sheets” — background information and talking points prepared for the secretary of state in advance of a phone call with a foreign head of state.

“Pls ask Marina to print for me in am,” Clinton e-mailed top aide Huma Abedin regarding a redacted 2011 message marked sensitive but unclassified.

In a classified 2012 e-mail dealing with the new president of Malawi, another Clinton aide, Monica Hanley, advised Clinton, “We can ask Marina to print this.”

“Revisions to the Iran points” was the subject line of a classified April 2012 e-mail to Clinton from Hanley. In it, the text reads, “Marina is trying to print for you.”

Both classified e-mails were marked “confidential,” the tier below “secret” or “top secret.”

Santos also had access to a highly secure room called an SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) that diplomatic security agents set up at Whitehaven, according to FBI notes from an interview with Abedin.

From within the SCIF, Santos — who had no clearance — “collected documents from the secure facsimile machine for Clinton,” the FBI notes revealed.

Just how sensitive were the papers Santos presumably handled? The FBI noted Clinton periodically received the Presidential Daily Brief — a top-secret document prepared by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies — via the secure fax.

A 2012 “sensitive” but unclassified e-mail from Hanley to Clinton refers to a fax the staff wanted Clinton “to see before your Netanyahu mtg. Marina will grab for you.”

Yet it appears Clinton was never asked by the FBI in its yearlong investigation to turn over the iMac Santos used to receive the e-mails, or the printer she used to print out the documents, or the printouts themselves.

As The Post first reported, copies of Clinton’s 33,000 allegedly destroyed e-mails still exist in other locations and could be recovered if investigators were turned loose to seize them. Higher-ups at the Justice Department reportedly have blocked them from obtaining search warrants to obtain the evidence.

It also appears the FBI did not formally interview Santos as a key witness in its investigation.

This is a major oversight: Santos may know the whereabouts of a missing Apple MacBook laptop and USB flash drive that contain all of Clinton’s e-mails archived over her four years in office.

In 2013, Hanley downloaded Clinton’s e-mails from her private server to the MacBook and flash drive.

“The two copies of the Clinton e-mail archive (one on the archive laptop and one on the thumb drive) were intended to be stored in Clinton’s Chappaqua and Whitehaven residences,” the FBI said in its case summary.

But Hanley says the devices were “lost,” and the FBI says it “does not have either item in its possession.”

In addition to Abedin, Santos worked closely with Hanley at Whitehaven and could shed light on the mystery — if only she were asked about it.

When a Post reporter confronted Santos at her DC apartment Friday, she would say only, “I don’t speak to reporters.”

According to a 2010 profile in The Philippine Star, close Clinton friend Vernon Jordan recommended Santos to the Clintons after she worked part-time for him.

Bill Clinton gave a speech in Manila as part of his foundation and took time to visit with the family of the “mayordoma [housekeeper] of his Washington, DC, home — Marina Santos.”

He was quoted as describing Santos as the “wonderful woman who runs our home in Washington, without whom Hillary will not be able to serve as secretary of state.” The article ended remarking, without a hint of irony: “Marina now runs his house so that he and his wife can better serve interests higher than their own.”

Santos could turn out to be the Betty Currie of the Clinton e-mail scandal. Currie was the secretary for President Clinton. She also came recommended by Jordan, and became famous as a central witness in the Monica Lewinsky scandal for her handling of gifts given to Clinton’s mistress.

Investigators had sought the gifts, allegedly hidden under Currie’s bed on orders from Clinton, as evidence.

The State Department and Clinton campaign did not respond to requests for comment.