Monday, October 3, 2016

How The Hell Do You Know The Skunk Farted?

Short 4 foot 9 inch wombat, Robert Reich who was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, made an astonishingly confusing analogy about skunks yesterday.
And Popehat asked the salient question:
And then there's Cuffy's snark: 
Reich has been notoriously wrong-headed for decades regarding the economy while espousing his socialist drivel in support of an activist government that raises taxes in order to redistribute the money.  He has not, nor will he ever, be able to explain the precipitous decline in the American economy.  He smugly contents himself with denouncing the “myth of the free market”.

His line of propaganda employs scare tactics declaring that the elderly won’t receive their Social Security checks or be able to procure their much-needed medical care.  He has demanded in his never-ending tripe that those of us who faithfully pay our taxes, abide by the rule of law, keep our noses clean and get up every day and go to work should continue to allow the government leeches a steady stream of freebies and the politically entrenched to feed at the government trough.

The little polecat doesn’t understand the skunk party theory and he certainly doesn’t understand the most basic concepts in economics. 

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