Thursday, September 15, 2016

Subtle Message? Do Go On Jake.

Granny Clinton emerged from her sick bed today after her “collapse” which forced her to leave a 9/11 memorial event in New York City.  She attended a campaign rally in Greensboro, NC.

After finishing her speech, the Clinton campaign played James Brown’s classic “I Feel Good” instead of her sickeningly overplayed “Fight Song”.   

CNN’s Jake Tapper noticed the change as well noting, “You can hear the subtle message there from her campaign.”

Granny’s campaign is in the dumper.  Their message is no longer theirs to control and they know it.
The original video, posted by apparent passer-by Zdenek Gazda, went viral earlier in the day as it was the only source of proof of what happened to Clinton.

While the AP may not have express distribution rights, nothing stops them from tweeting a link to the amateur video—except maybe bias or an effort to limit the damage to Granny’s presidential ambitions.

Note the time when the AP deleted the video—11:46 PM the same day the video was taken.

The video gained real exposure on Twitter, but first appeared on Gazda’s Facebook timeline at 9:32 AM ET.  Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal broke the news of Clinton’s ill health on Twitter at 9:37 AM.

As Levanthal’s tweet circulated members of Clinton’s press pool noticed her absence and speculated about her whereabouts. At 10:04 AM ET, NBC’s Monica Alba, tweeted that Clinton had left the event about 30 minutes before, just around the time Gazda first posted his video to Facebook.

It wasn’t until 11:31 AM ET that the now famous video made its way to Twitter where it was retweeted over 37,000 times.

Gazda didn’t have an audience of his own, but other people with bigger numbers of followers discovered the video and retweeted it. According to Sysomos, one of the first accounts to give it the biggest bump was @WHPressCorps, which has about 59,000 followers, including plenty of mainstream journalists. 

Google searches for “Hillary Clinton collapsing” spiked after 11 AM ET.  Searches for “Hillary Clinton 9/11” also peaked around that time.  The situation had already spiraled out of the control.  Within 12 hours of the video spiking on social media, cable and broadcast news, someone pressured persuaded the AP to take the video down.

Desperate to change the optics for Granny, her handlers decided that James Brown’s “I Feel Good” would be just what the doctor ordered as she returned to the campaign trail.  Mind you she was dressed in a long-sleeved, thick material pantsuit for a temperature of 86°F in Greensboro.  Hardly a wise decision for someone who easily gets “overheated”. 

She’s got to show stamina, vigor and endurance every single day from now until Election Day.  Her honest and trustworthy ratings are a dumpster fire for which no counter-strategy can combat the revelations from the hacked emails of former Secretary of State Colin Powell who noted, “Hillary has not been covering herself with glory. For good reason she comes across as sleazy.”

Her health is now a bona fide concern.  Blasting “I Feel Good” over a gymnasium’s speakers isn’t going to convince anyone.  You want to convince me?  Do like the “Godfather of Soul”.  Get on the good foot and give us your best “Funky Chicken”.

Oh, and one more thing…Granny’s people might want to rethink the James Brown connection.  The first female nominee for president shouldn’t be touting an artist who recorded a song titled “It’s A Man’s World.”  Hee hee.

UPDATE:  The Gazda video is still on Twitter and can easily be found elsewhere on the Internet including on YouTube™.  The man who shot the video on his iPhone merely wanted to profit from its licensing.

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