Monday, August 15, 2016

Marco Squirrel-O

A week ago this past Friday I headed to the beach with my little furkid, Sophie The Wonderdog, for a mini-vacay with friends.  I left the place in the capable hands of Adrienne and Proof.

The problem with leaving the keys to the liquor cabinet with these two blogger friends is Proof lets the squirrel population at Casa de Curmudgeon have free reign of the place while he and Adrienne sample swill all the good liquor.  Adrienne at least tries to tidy up the joint before I get home.

I left the beach early this morning unbeknownst to my party-hardy friends.  When I pulled into the driveway I heard someone in the backyard hollering “Polo, Polo, Polo”.

There, in my pool, I found some Italian guy with all his clothes on, a water-skiing squirrel and one on Adrienne’s cats taking a dip.  What the…

There were nuts on the bottom of the pool and cat hair stuck in the pool filter.

Usually, Proof charges my credit card to hire topless maids to clean up the mess he leaves.  This time there wasn’t a trace of anyone trying to tidy up.  What am I gonna do with these two?

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