Friday, April 1, 2016

Pretty Much All Of The News You Find On The Intertoobs Today Is Probably Fake

Google attempted to prank its Gmail users for April Fool’s Day this year, but it seems the result was more tears than laughs.
A new “send + mic drop” button appeared next to the “send” button in Gmail.  The “new” feature gave users the option to add an animated graphic of a minion dropping a microphone to emails which seemed like a good idea at the time, depending of course, on the subject.
Google received a number of complaints from people who accidentally pressed the “send + mic drop” on important messages. One user said he lost his job after he sent a “mic drop” in an email to his boss.
One incensed user, who described using Gmail for work wrote, 'I can't afford for you clowns to mess around with my business.”
The Google Help Forum was littered with angry grievances typed in ALL CAPS insisting the “new feature” was not cool.  Scores of people were pleading for instructions on how to remove the feature.  This morning the multi-national technology giant removed the button and apologized to its users.
“Well, it looks like we pranked ourselves this year. Due to a bug, the Mic Drop feature inadvertently caused more headaches than laughs. We’re truly sorry. The feature has been turned off. If you are still seeing it, please reload your Gmail page,” the company wrote in a blog post.

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