Saturday, April 16, 2016

Never A Dill Moment With This Boastful Windsack

Do the good people of the Buckeye State feel embarrassed by their governor?  I don’t see how they can avoid it.

The mailman’s son was scrounging for votes in the Big Apple and stopped by the Upper East Side’s famous P.J. Berstein kosher deli.  Ever the typical rube, he demonstrated his goofiness by showing the press how to eat a pickle.  He refused to eat a pastrami sandwich.  For the life of me I can’t understand eating pickles in lieu of a gen-u-wine deli pastrami sammich.

His campaign calamities include eating pizza with a fork and making a veritable pig of himself at a food market on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.  Kasich grubbed on two plates of spaghetti, a sandwich with mozzarella, pickles, salami, provolone and hot peppers.  After downing all that he ordered pasta fagioli.

Damn.  Does he have a tapeworm?

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