Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ladies: Who's that guy with you in the women's restroom?...

good question.

Yesterday, I received my hard copy of the Spokane Business Journal.  In it was an article about how Spokane was supposed to handle this whole thingy about transgenders using the bathroom of their choice and how businesses were to respond. 

Here are a few pertinent points: (emphasis mine)
[...]Just over a year ago, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in a case entitled Lusardi v. McHugh that denying transgender employees access to common restrooms used by other employees of the same gender identity was sex discrimination, violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. 
The commission ruled that such denial was a civil rights violation regardless of whether the employee has had any medical procedure or whether other employees are offended by allowing it. 

Got that? Robert shows up for work and declares he's living full time as a female. He hasn't had any surgery to change his outward appearance as a male. That makes no never mind. Robert says he is a female, and by gosh, we need to protect all his rights. This allows him entrance to the women's bathroom where he can proceed to wave his junk around while he takes a pee-pee. They also don't give a rip if you're offended.
[...]Likewise, employers can’t request or require an employee to use a gender-segregated facility that is inconsistent with that individual’s gender expression or gender identity, or request or require an employee to use a separate or gender-neutral facility. 
God forbid that we annoy his sensibilities by asking that he use his very own bathroom.  He has rights, doncha know! 
[...]Under the state regulations, if another person expresses concern or discomfort about a person who uses a facility that is consistent with the person’s gender expression or gender identity, the person expressing discomfort may be directed to a separate or gender-neutral facility, if available. 
What that means is if Sally Smith is not comfortable with using the women's restroom where Robert is flaming about with his maleness on full display, she is to be directed to the restroom that Robert claimed was usurping his rights as a  guy who thinks he's a gal.
Woman of the Year has a penis

You see, Sally HAS NO RIGHTS!!

Neither does your daughter, sister, wife, or assorted female neighbors.  Because we have all been declared transphobic or something.

If just calling yourself a woman is all it takes, what's going to happen next time your 10-year old daughter uses the restroom at Walmart, school, dance class, or the gym, and has to deal with some wacko with his penis on full display?  What are the police to do when called to the scene?  How are they to determine if he's a predator or just some guy who's not sure if he wants to have his penis snipped off? 

We have officially entered the twilight zone.  

Original article at The Business Journal


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