Monday, February 15, 2016

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Saturday Night Live has noticed Hillary Clinton’s struggles in her bid for the presidency.  The New York Times reported that Bernie Sanders beat her in New Hampshire by carrying majorities of both men and women—those with and without college degrees, gun owners and non-gun owners, liberals and moderates—and all age groups except voters aged 45-64 earning over $200,000 a year.

SNL has historically been kind to Clinton.  Not so this past Saturday night as their cold open featured The Ice Cube In Heels belting out Bonnie Raitt’s melancholy hit “I Can’t Make You Love Me” pleading for the support of millennials.

“Hillary has every single thing I want in a president,” said one millennial.  Another said, “She’s no Bernie!”  Yet another adds, “I like when Bernie yells but not when Hillary does.”

One scene in the sketch has Hillary perched on a white grand piano with Bill pretending to tickle the ivories begging, “Like her for my sake.”

The Clinton camp is panicked as new polling suggests Sanders has eliminated Clinton’s significant lead with Democratic voters nationally.

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