Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Is It Saturday Yet?

“An atheist is a man who watches a Notre DameSouthern Methodist University game and doesn't care who wins.” ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

On Saturday two of the strongest teams in college football are set to collide.  LSU is undefeated.  Alabama has lost one game.  The game between these two powerhouses will determine who’s in for the College Football Playoffs.  November is wild, cruel and exhilarating.  November is about everything.

The Playoff Selection Committee unveiled its first rankings last night.  The top six teams in order of their rankings are:  Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame and Baylor.

I don’t give a hoot about the "quality wins" controversy that surrounds the rankings. LSU or Alabama has represented the West Division in the SEC Championship Game in nine of the last 15 seasons.
Blogger sister Diogenes and I have waited a whole year for Saturday’s game.  To my mind you’d have a hard time finding two more ardent fans of college football or more devoted followers of the rivalry between our two schools.  She bleeds purple and gold and I crimson and white.
This post is not about a “chick fight”.  Instead it’s about the mutual respect we have for one another.  No matter how the game ends we have decided once again to make a charitable contribution to Wounded Warrior Project to honor our military service members.
On June 6, 1984 President Ronald Reagan stood on the spot where Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy to throw off the yoke of Nazi tyranny at Pointe du Hoc.
“Forty summers have passed since the battle that you fought here. You were young the day you took these cliffs; some of you were hardly more than boys, with the deepest joys of life before you. Yet, you risked everything here. Why? Why did you do it? What impelled you to put aside the instinct for self-preservation and risk your lives to take these cliffs? What inspired all the men of the armies that met here? We look at you, and somehow we know the answer. It was faith and belief; it was loyalty and love.”
I, like you, have seen the public service announcements that have aired for Wounded Warrior Project.  Each story is compelling.  There is one; however, that evokes the greatest degree of compassion.  It is the story of Dennis.  Army National Guard Sgt. Dennis Cabanting spends his days fighting battle-related Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD and traumatic brain injury.  This returning hero’s palsy-like tremors almost turned him into a tragic figure.  Through the assistance of Wounded Warrior Project’s Independence Program Dennis is learning to live life on his own terms.

From Iraq and Afghanistan our brave warriors are coming home wounded.  Some with wounds you can see, some with wounds you can’t see. Wounded Warrior Project was created to support our brave men and women coming off the battlefield.

Next Wednesday is Veterans Day.  What better way to honor their service than by giving whatever you can afford to Wounded Warrior Project?  Click here if you can give a one-time donation or here if you’d like to participate in the WWP Advanced Guard monthly giving program  On behalf of Diogenes, we thank you.  Please help carry these warriors the rest of the way home.

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