Thursday, November 5, 2015

Inexperienced “Man” With Performance Issues?

For three years in a row, Russian president Vladimir Putin has been declared the most powerful man in the world by Forbes Magazine.

It’s no wonder.  Just last month Putin sent Russian planes, troops and ammunition into Syria to bomb ISIS forces there and met face-to-face with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad making the United States and NATO look weak in the Middle East.

With The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer’s influence shrinking, his approval ratings consistently mired below 50% and a growing chorus within his own party questioning his foreign policies, the President slipped to third.  Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel was named the second most powerful person in the world.  That left Barry slinking in at third.  This is the first year in which a sitting president of the United States has not been in the top two on Forbes’ list.

Mr. Petulant, speaking at a fundraiser in New York, mocked Republican presidential candidates for not being able to handle “a bunch of CNBC moderators.”  Need we remind him when he was running for president he joined The Ice Cube In Heels in 2007 in boycotting a debate hosted by Fox?

Allahpundit got it right when he quipped, “What you’re really seeing here, I think, is Princess’s ego showing. The charge that Putin is kicking sand in his face stings because it’s obviously true and he didn’t pause in his annoyance before hitting back to consider whether maybe he wasn’t a gigantic hypocrite in doing so. Simple as that.”

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