Friday, February 20, 2015

The Keys To The Liquor Cabinet Are Again In My Hands

Two weeks ago, I hastily emailed co-blogger Proof asking him to take the reins here at Political Clown Parade while I was out of town assisting a dear friend’s recovery from carotid artery surgery (carotid endarterectomy).

I had no idea how long I would be away and trusted Proof to pick up my slack.  He published 13, count ‘em 13, posts on Brian Williams’ lost credibility and nothing for the weekly “Flowing Curves of Beauty” the menfolks have become accustomed to seeing here each Monday. In October 2014 he posted a tongue-in-cheek Curves featuring Star Trek hotties but nothing this time around.  What’s up wid dat?

His reply to my email, which I only got to read this afternoon after unpacking the car and doing laundry, said “…I hope you stocked the liquor cabinet better than last time.  Last time I had to survive an entire week with only domestic champagne!”

I promise we here at Political Clown Parade will post the regularly-scheduled Flowing Curves of Beauty this coming Monday and I thank Proof for picking up my slack while I was away.  I just hope he doesn’t complain about the contents of the liquor cabinet again.

My friend is doing much better and I’m glad to be home where I can sleep in my own bed again.  The liquor cabinet needs to restocked and my stash of chocolate fondue ingredients is severely depleted.  I guess that's a small price to pay for Proof's help during my absence.

Seriously though, Proof did a good job and I thank him for his hard work trying to keep the content coming for our readers.

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