Saturday, December 6, 2014

CNN Cow Put Out To Pasture After 27 Years

Veteran newsfatso Candy Crowley is leaving CNN after 27 years.  "I've done a lot of politics," said Crowley, "and I still love it. Not who wins or who loses, but who they are."

Actually, she does care who wins.  The incident that most notably comes to mind is when she willfully ignored agreed upon presidential debate rules and ran interference for The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer when he claimed the Benghazi attack was an act of terror.  He did not.

A source with knowledge about the network’s thought process said CNN President Jeff Zucker had the behemoth “on the short list to be gone from the beginning,” according to Betsy Rothstein at The Daily Caller.

Rothstein notes that Crowley was “too old and fat” and didn’t “go along with the direction of going for a younger audience.”  Rothstein cited CNN insider gossip:  “Heard Jeff would rather split the cost and have a younger blonde cover politics to compete with Fox News.”

I think Zucker just got fed up (no pun intended) with her eating the network out of house and home.

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