Friday, October 17, 2014

Ten Buck Friday: Helping Harry Lose His Gavel

As of today, there are 18 days left before the nation goes to the ballot box.  The latest ABCNews/Washington Post poll shows the Democrat Party’s popularity is the weakest it has been in 30 years meaning they are “heading into the midterm election in trouble.”

Seventy-seven percent of Americans are worried about the economy’s future, and 57 percent say the country has been experiencing a long-term decline in living standards; a grim assessment for the party in power.

We’ve been hearing good news coming out of Iowa for Republican challenger Joni Ernst and The Denver Post is conceding polls are favoring Republican Cory Gardner at a key moment in the election season.

The DSCC has chosen to go dark in Kentucky realizing that Mitch McConnell is likely to hold his seat.  They’ve shifted their attention to Georgia’s open seat and are saturating Michelle Nunn’s campaign coffers.  They see a Nunn victory as a way to “stymie the growing odds of a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate.”

North Carolina is my home state and I’ve been sweating out the contentious battle between incumbent Kay Hagan and challenger Thom Tillis.  More than $6.5 million has been spent against Hagan and nearly $19 million opposing Tillis according to the Sunlight Foundation.

Hagan’s minions have repeatedly charged that Tillis "cut $500 million" from the state's education budget.  That charge is false.

Other attack ads have claimed Tillis "raised taxes on 80 percent of North Carolinians."  This is also fabricated.

Hagan’s campaign claims Tillis "supports a plan that would end Medicare as we know it and raise premiums."  Nope.  Not true.

Attack ads repeatedly maintained her challenger "supports a plan that could end up costing seniors $1,700 more every year for prescription medicine."  This claim refers to Paul Ryan's Medicare plan, on which Tillis has not taken a position.

Joel Gehrke at National Review believes that cracks are beginning to appear in Harry Reid’s North Carolina firewall.  “North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan’s admission that she skipped a hearing about the Islamic State to attend a campaign fundraiser threatens to waste the $42 million that Democrats have spent in this race to protect her candidacy and their Senate majority.”

Tillis hammered her for that during their last debate. Local press has also focused on how the Hagan family has benefited from government spending programs that the senator supported, such as the 2009 stimulus.

Ten Senate races are rated toss-ups by Real Clear Politics, where the ratings are based on poll averages. The GOP must get to 51 seats to control a Senate majority.

Current polling of the races the Ten Buck Friday bloggers have been watching:

Arkansas:  Tom Cotton leads by 3.6 points
Colorado:  Cory Gardner leads by 3.0 points
Georgia:  David Perdue leads by 1.2 points
Iowa:  Joni Ernst leads by 2.0 points
Kansas:  Tie
Louisiana:  Bill Cassidy leads by 5.3 points
North Carolina:  Thom Tillis trails by 1.4 points

Each Friday between now and November 4th we are asking our readers to consider contributing $10 to the campaign of the candidate(s) we have highlighted that week.  Make sure to mark your contribution “Ten Buck Friday” so the candidate(s) will know the conservative blogosphere is with them in standing guard over liberty.  

If you are unable to make a contribution, you can help the candidate(s) tremendously by encouraging friends, family, neighbors and/or co-workers to vote.  Volunteer your valuable time.  Put up a campaign sign in your yard.  Make sure you go to the polls.  We cannot afford to sit this election out. 

Contribute to Tom Cotton (AR) here.
Contribute to Cory Gardner (CO) here.
Contribute to Joni Ernst (IA) here.
Contribute to Bill Cassidy (LA) here.
Contribute to Thom Tillis (NC) here.

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