Saturday, September 6, 2014

Will The Public Remain Less Informed Than It Would Otherwise Be Chucky?

The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer will be Chuck Todd’s first guest as the new moderator of "Meet the Press," NBC announced Thursday.

Todd told The Washington Post, “I’m as pissed off as anybody else is at Washington.” His plan:  make sure he’s well versed enough in every topic to knock people off their talking points and to highlight more news from outside the Beltway.

It will be the first appearance of our semi-retired president on “Meet the Press” since December 2012, when he discussed negotiations on the fiscal cliff and his second-term priorities.

What, specifically, is your timeline for making a decision on using your executive authority in regards the nation's millions of undocumented immigrants? 
You've taken a lot of heat for your summation of your foreign policy as "don't do stupid shit."  So, what sentence (or two) better describes your overall approach to foreign policy? 
Despite suffering some setbacks during his time in office, Bill Clinton reshaped the Democratic Party. To what extent have you done that, and which of these changes are most likely to outlast you once you’re gone?  
Should you have gone golfing after saying you were "heartbroken" about James Foley’s execution? 
Did you discuss the Ferguson riots with your daughters? What questions did they ask and how did you respond as a father?  
Would you change your approach to dealing with Congress if Republicans win the Senate this fall? How?
With the upcoming release of the book “13 Hours:  The Inside Account Of What Really Happened In Benghazi”, perhaps one of those questions Todd should be asking would be why were the five commandos who were guarding the CIA Annex in Benghazi ordered to “stand down” from any rescue attempt?  That would certainly be fertile ground for a tough question.

Instead, little Chucky will doubtless ask the burning question about the president’s bucket list visit to Stonehenge and his intellectual comment, “How cool is this?”

I hope I’m wrong.  I strongly suspect that Todd, like his predecessor, will ask inane softball questions.  There was a time when landing an interview with the president was considered an achievement.  That is no longer the case due to the shameful willingness of the poodle press to conduct fluff interviews and the American people, as a result, remain less informed than they might otherwise be.

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