Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sophie’s Not Crazy About “Snowpocalyse”

I have written before that my little furkid Sophie loves her some snow.  I thought that meant all snow.  Today I learned that an icy surface is no fun at all for an itty bitty girl.

I decided after playing out in the snow and sledding down the hill beaucoup times that I should clean off my car’s windshield and back glass in preparation for tomorrow’s trek to work.  I didn’t want my windshield wipers to be frozen against the hood cowling and I certainly didn’t want big chunks of ice to stick to the wiper blades because they won’t work properly when the road goo flies up on the glass.

I let Sophie out to play in the snow while I cleaned away the ice and snow.  I watched her and she wasn’t running wild doing figure-eights and doing big circles like she has before.

These are some of the pictures I took of her.  She carefully inspected my tracks in the snow and the steps that lead into the house.  Then the wind caught my garden flag and it startled her just a tad.  Once she figured out that was no big deal she walked along the perimeter of the chain link fence.  She headed back to the steps when she must have caught the scent of a squirrel.  Any other time she would’ve thought, “Let me at ‘em.”  Not today.

Normally, I would have to wait out in the cold for her to run herself silly before she decided she’d had enough playtime in the snow.  Today she wanted to go back in the house the instant I headed for the door.  What a weenie.

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