Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ribbin’ A Friend

If you can’t tease a friend then who the hell can you tease?

Today, as I was surfing the Interwebs, I noticed that a blogger friend had merrily jibed the Carolina Panthers who were set to go up against his beloved San Francisco 49ers.

I’m not a fan of the Panthers, but I thought it might be amusing to poke a little fun at Proof.

I started off by tweeting him the URL to my post.  That grabbed his attention.  We exchanged a few tweets during the first half.  It was then that Vernon Davis was stripped of the ball and Carolina recovered it around their own 5-yard line. 

Every replay from every angle clearly showed the ball had been stripped, but the legally blind officials ruled it an incomplete pass after reviewing the play.  The Niners turned that into a field goal and took a 9-0 lead.

Clearly feeling cocky, Proof tweeted, “Take a deep breath. Find your center. And chant your mantra: ‘There's always next year!’”

During the second half the Panthers scored a touchdown and Mr. Smartypants tweeted, “Congratulations.  You’re losing by less now.”

As fate would have it, the Panthers handled the Niners pretty well in the second half winning the game with a field goal that made the score 10-9.

Proof fell silent in Twitterdom.  Crickets.  Hence, this lovely Photoshop™ which I have dubbed “The San Francisco Treat.”

It shows Kaepernick wrapped up in one of the six sacks the Panthers leveled against the Niners QB, and a shocked Sourdough Sam featured on a box of Kaepernick-flavored Rice-A-Roni.

Just a poke in the eye.  A good old-fashioned ribbing.  Proof, are you there?  You’re sulking aren’t you?

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