Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Great Bumpkin

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Nightmare On Main Street

Whatever you do, don't fall asleep.

Americans living on Main Street USA dream of a sinister man with a frightening voice and a gardener’s glove with knives for fingers.  To save themselves, they must plunge themselves into the warped mind of the most inveterate liar of all time:  Barack Hussein Obama.

“A liar is always lavish of oaths.” ― Pierre Corneille

Monday, October 28, 2013

The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer Just Extended His Failure

Well, well, well.  Irony blows doesn’t it?

We’ve heard The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer say repeatedly, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.”

Sometimes he would be emphatic saying, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  Period.  If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.  Period.”

Finding trouble everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies has been the hallmark of this regime.

The Obamacare website has been a smoking ruin since its launch on October 1, 2013.

I can envision TWMDCO sitting in the Oval Office (or teeing it up on the greens at Ft. Belvoir) squirming over the hemorrhoid that his crowning domestic achievement has become. 

He said no one could be more frustrated with the Internet laughingstock the website has become than him.  Oh, I doubt that.

Fifty to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent.   But TWMDCO knew that.

They’re being dumped.  So, no they can’t keep their plans.  Broken promise or lie; call it what you will.

Those who are getting dumped are supposed to go find new insurance on the exchange by December 15 in order to be insured on January 1, 2014.  But, you can’t do that because the “” website doesn’t work.

Over the weekend, the data hub run by Verizon’s Terremark, lost connectivity after workers tried to replace a broken networking component.

Today, it was announced that a six-week extension until March 31 has been granted to sign up for coverage to avoid new tax penalties.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 9 million people will sign up for Medicaid in 2014, compared with the 7 million expected to sign up for private insurance on the exchanges.  This is the Master Plan.

Benghazi Deathtrap: Back-Up Was Never Coming

We heard all last week that CBS was planning on airing a segment on “60 Minutes” about the al-Qaeda assault on the consulate in Benghazi in which four Americans were murdered after being abandoned by the United States government. 

Figuring it would be the usual fare of propaganda and cover-up that is the hallmark of CBS and the rest of the central planning stenographers; I made a decision to DVR it and watch the Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings instead.

We know that The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer watched the assault from the White House in real time.

The attack began at 9:40 PM (3:40PM Washington time) and ended around 4:00AM (10:00PM Washington time).  This was in the middle of the business day and everybody was watching in the White House, CIA, State Department and the Pentagon.

The Liar-in-Chief was one of those in the Situation Room watching.  He was front and center in this travesty.

In the open for the segment Lara Logan said,
“When Chris Stevens was killed in Benghazi, Libya, on the anniversary of September 11th last year, it was only the sixth time that the United States had lost an ambassador to its enemies. The events of that night have been overshadowed by misinformation, confusion and intense partisanship. But for those who lived through it, there's nothing confusing about what happened, and they share a sense of profound frustration because they say they saw it coming.”
Notice that Logan’s narrative omits the names of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Logan rejoins to her producer, Max McClellan that this highly charged story has political implications and she was concerned about the “extraordinary amount of pressure” being placed on “people involved not to talk.”
“In this story, you had to work really hard to find the facts and not be seduced by anybody. So, we left about 98 percent of what we learned on the floor—didn't even report it—because unless we could substantiate it with primary sources that we truly trusted and whose motivations we trusted, then we didn't even go there.”
The administration cracked down hard on leakers.  No one wanted to put anything in writing.  Everybody was terrified to talk about the filthy lies told over and over again by the White House and Hillary Clinton.  Everybody, that is, except Andy Woods and Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya, Gregory Hicks.

When four Americans were killed in a flash of hatred and barbarism in Benghazi 388 days ago the political finger-pointing began.  Few knew exactly what happened that night.

This president and his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, do know.  They have covered up and obfuscated the truth.

The guard who spoke with CBS noted that Al Qaeda tried to kill a British ambassador in Benghazi three months before the attack on the anniversary of 9/11. He added that the terror group said online that it would attack the Red Cross, the British, and then the Americans in Benghazi.

From September 12, 2012 until today this administration has attempted to fend of criticism that “someone” gave the order to stand down.

Fighter jets could have been at Benghazi in an hour.  Commandos could have arrived within three hours according to former Marine Corps officer and Reagan Administration senior Pentagon officer Francis “Bing” West.  No forces were dispatched from Sigonella.

The noose is tightening.  The herd of possible culprits is thinning. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

There’s No Reason To Dress This Monster Up

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) refuses to apologize for a fundraising email in which he featured a burning cross.  That cross forms a “T”.  He asserts that it represents the Tea Party.

After being called out for his demented message, he sent a statement to Roll Call refusing to apologize for the imagery.  That statement was filled with insensitive and racially charged names.
“Tea Party members have circulated countless altered pictures depicting President Obama and the First Lady as monkeys. Tea Party members also called my fellow Member of Congress, civil rights hero John Lewis, a ‘n***ger,’ and Rep. Barney Frank a ‘faggot.’ One could go on and on, because there is overwhelming evidence that the Tea Party is the home of bigotry and discrimination in America today, just as the KKK was for an earlier generation. If the shoe fits, wear it.”
This demented Democrat was ousted from office in 2010 but was renominated in the newly gerrymandered, heavily blue Ninth District two years later and won in the general election.

Apparently the voters in that district pray with Grayson at the altar of Satan.  They and Grayson are a disgrace to humanity.

He is the most incredibly twisted, delusional liar ever to be elected to office. 

UPDATE:  Hey Alan, if you happen across this post and don't like my portrayal of you, just remember you started it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Son Of A Glitch

The Op-Ed section of The Wall Street Journal tells us today that, “the exchanges fiasco is revealing the larger truth that ObamaCare's claim to technocratic expertise was always a political con. It won over the New Yorker and made ObamaCare designer Peter Orszag a celebrity. But it was all a veneer for ObamaCare's real goal, which is to centralize political control over health care."

The White House pitched President Obama's Rose Garden event on Monday as a new transparency, but the event amounted to an infomercial, complete with a 1-800 number. Operators are standing by and "the product is good," the President said. He even encouraged Americans to bypass the website and apply for benefits over the phone or by mail.

It is delicious irony that the regime decided to launch the ObamaCare website in October.  Halloween brings with it the summoning of frightening mythical creatures in the gloom of night.  Had the website been launched in November it would simply have been referred to as a turkey.

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow.  People are spending endless hours trying to create an account.  Each time they are met with failure.  They’ve called the hotline and been met with failure.  

Enter the Headless Horseman—Barack Hussein Obama.  Indeed a creepy fellow.  Little can be more frightening than the specter of a headless man who rides aimlessly through the night in search of his own head.

The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza offers this rejoinder for ObamaCare, “The ACA is the most important liberal project in decades. If it fails, it is a complete disaster for liberalism.”

The regime is guilty of putting the cart before the horse and now is pleading with Verizon to fix the hotline problem and a bevy of the “best and brightest” have been summoned to fix the computer software which is ten years old and filled with faulty codes.

The overwhelming obstacles that plague ObamaCare are beyond the pay grade of the techies.

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Fierce Urgency Of Now

I foolishly believed that a government shutdown would never materialize.  Yes, I was naive.

I know many believe that the partial government shutdown proved that federal workers can disappear without being missed.  I would have to agree with you.  None of the furloughed workers in my agency were missed.  They were genuinely non-essential.

Now, we are learning that some federal workers applied for, and received, jobless benefits while they were furloughed.  Some of them will likely get paid twice for not working.  According to the Labor Department, several states are expected to allow these workers to keep both their jobless benefits and the back pay.  Must be nice.

Unlike those furloughed federal workers, I am considered “key and essential personnel and a first responder” and I was ordered to report for duty each and every day of the shutdown without being paid.

I am furious that the furloughed workers will receive back pay for what amounts to a paid vacation.  They didn’t work one day, one hour, one minute, one second during the shutdown.  I think it is an outrage.

For sixteen days, my bills continued to come in my mailbox with the expectation that they be paid in full and on time.

I have spent the last few years of my life working feverishly to become debt-free in preparation for my “golden years”.  With only nine months left before I can retire, my home is paid off and my car is eleven years old.

I pay for everything with cash, check or debit card. 

On October 9th, a memorandum for distribution from the Chief Human Capital Officer was issued.
“On October 1, 2013, many federal agencies were partially shut down due to a lapse of appropriations.  As a result, many Department of _________________ employees were subject to furlough, which places them in a non-pay status until Congress passes an appropriation.  In addition, even these employees who are reporting to work to perform excepted functions will not receive pay until an appropriation is passed by Congress.” 
“Because these employees will not receive pay during the lapse in appropriations, some of our employees may have difficulty in timely meeting their financial obligations.  This lapse in appropriation is expected to be a temporary situation and one that is beyond our employees’ control.  We appreciate your organization’s understanding toward _________________ employees until this situation is resolved.” 
“Our employees will be returned to pay status as soon as possible,  We hope this letter helps explain the furlough process for our _________________ employees, and we extend our thanks for your patience and compassion towards our employees during this time when they may be negatively impacted by the lapse in appropriation.”
Seriously?  How many creditors do you think would respond compassionately to a bullshit letter like this? 

I didn’t apply for jobless benefits, I didn’t ask my friends to lend me money and I didn’t apply for a loan to sustain me during the shutdown.

Last Monday, on my day off, I decided to sell some of my silver coins and old gold jewelry in order to pay for the replacement of the evaporation leak detection pump that was causing an idiot light to remain illuminated on the dashboard.  That light would prevent my car from passing its safety inspection which is required in my state.

This year, my state requires that your vehicle property tax be paid simultaneously with your vehicle registration renewal—none of which can happen without passing the safety inspection first.

The week before, I was driving home from work when my power steering gave out.  Over the course of the last two weeks I’ve spent a little more that $600 to keep my car running so I can get back and forth to work.

I was planning on selling some of my cherished baseball memorabilia today had the shutdown continued.  I’ll hold those things in reserve if, on January 15, 2014, the spittle-laced barbs of the children of The Beltway return to their sickening antics.

Randy-g recently posted a comment saying he hoped “all is well…You are missed.”  I guess Randy noticed that it’s been two weeks since I last posted something and wanted me to know that he was a teeny bit concerned.

I’ve eaten more than my fill of bologna sammiches and PB&Js.  I’m sick of drinking just plain water.  I’ve cut corners in every way I know how.  I’m going to make it, but honestly, this has taken a toll on me.

I haven’t slept well because of the worry.  When I have slept, I’ve had nightmares.  All in all, I’m pretty lucky because the Good Lord provided a way for me to make it through all this.  I am thankful and humbled by His blessings.

One final thought…I despise this Congress whose indifference to how I and others may have suffered through their stupidity and whose only thought is to orate in sound bites suitable for consumption on television and I despise the mainstream media which ignores the decay of a free society.

I am reminded of the sagacious words of Cicero, one of Rome’s greatest orators:
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.” 
“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.” 
“He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. A traitor is the plague.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Love

The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer belonged to a “Choom Gang” and was a truly committed pothead.

So here’s my suggestion for solving the current government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling debate:  Let’s get Ray the Dealer to bring some quality buds to the West Wing.  Let TWMDCO fire up a doobie and I’ll bet he negotiates with the GOP.

Can’t you just picture it—Bob Marley playing on the Preezy of the United Steezy’s iPod, smoke rolling around his face, glazed-over eyes—good times. 

Cue the music—

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Statue Of Liberty Is Shaking Her Fist

Ross Kaminsky opined at American Spectator:
“While the most anti-American president in American history might not be too unhappy at the downward spiral of his nation’s international standing and economic strength, it is not by his design but rather a result of the sad accident of having (twice) elected a naïve, petulant, self-obsessed non-leader.” 
[One potential caveat: While Obama is not clever enough for his apparent incompetence to be anything but real, some of his advisers/puppet-masters, like David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, are. For those enemies of America, Obama is just their front man, their very own Billy Mays, hawking a radical leftist vision in a pleasant container. The question then is what percentage puppet is our president.]
The day of reckoning is coming.

The Senate Chaplain, Barry Black, had to use the morning invocation to publicly dress down the members of the Senate:
“We acknowledge our transgressions, our shortcomings, our smugness, our selfishness and our pride.  Deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable while being unreasonable.  Remove from them that stubborn pride, which imagines itself to be above and beyond criticism.  Forgive them the blunders they have committed.” 
Putting personal politics ahead of what is best for this nation is egregious. These stupid bastards must grow up.

Innocent people are paying the price for their dithering.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It Reminds Me Of What I Love Instead Of What I Fear

Two Saturdays ago, before the government shutdown, I visited my local home improvement store to pick up the items I needed to create a “flower tower”.

I was inspired by the beautiful towers that Adrienne of Adrienne’s Corner had created some months back using petunias.

I already had the tin snips for shortening the 4-foot wire fencing needed and the scissors for trimming the landscape fabric.  All I needed were the utility knife, some zip ties, the fencing and the fabric.

I also went to my favorite greenhouse and purchased several trays of Cool Wave® pansies.  This series of pansies entered the marketplace last fall.  The owner of the greenhouse told me that they are ideal for planters and hanging baskets because they bloom profusely with little fuss and there’s no need for deadheading.  They are perfect for my plant hardiness zone.

I selected Golden Yellow, Frost, Berries and Cream, Blue Velvet and Pink Vein for my colors.

Pansies are one of the most popular and recognizable cool weather annuals.  In Germany they are known as Stiefmütterchen, which means “little stepmother.”  Anyone who’s read any of the Grimms’ fairy tales will know that stepmothers had an image problem in old Germany.  They have little frowning faces, hence the appropriate moniker of “little stepmother.”

My plan, at the time, was to construct the towers on my days off which are Sunday and Monday.

Friday night after work, just two miles from home, my power steering gave out.  When I woke up Saturday morning, I called the car repair shop I trust and asked if it would be safe for me to drive my car back and forth to work one more day without damaging my car.  The answer was “No, because doing so could damage the rest of the power steering system like the rack and pinion.”

I drove the car to the repair shop and the mechanic who knows my car very well determined that I needed to replace the drive belt tensioner and the serpentine belt.

One of the guys drove me home rather than have me wait for the repairs to be completed.  I decided to tackle the flower tower while my baby was being fixed.

There was ample time for me to prepare the planter boxes on my deck.  A few hours later the repair shop called to let me know they were coming to pick me up.  I cleaned up a smidge, rode back to the shop, paid for the repairs and headed back home.

With the towers completed, all I had to do was place the pansies in the towers and stand back to admire how beautifully they had turned out.

I went inside and had a chicken salad sammich, some Sun Chips and a Sunkist to wash it all down.

I decided to look out my window to admire my work yet again, when what should I see, but my feathered friend about which I have written before.

The red shouldered hawk was perched as pretty as you please on the handrail.  It was looking slightly upward and I was able to snap this photo from inside my window overlooking the deck.

On September 8th I wrote that I believed the hawk had built a nest in one of my trees or in one nearby.  The trees on my property have only lost a few leaves thus far and so I cannot yet determine if the nest is actually in one of my trees.

My local wildlife organization informs me that this raptor may begin to nest as early as January.  If this is true, I hope to be able to witness its courting display during the months between January and April.  Apparently the southern population of red shouldered hawks is not migratory.

This means I will be blessed with the beauty of God’s magnificent creature and its offspring for years to come.

I’m sharing this story with you because the beauty of this raptor reminds me of what I love, which is freedom, rather than what I fear.

I am considered “key and essential personnel and a first responder”.  Yes, I am a federal government employee and I am required to report for duty each day despite the fact that I am not getting paid while the government is shut down.

Had I earnestly believed that the shutdown would actually happen I wouldn’t have spent the money for the flower towers.  And the car repairs really took a bite out of my checking account.

I feel a little desperate right now.  I don’t know how I will pay the bills when they come due if this impasse lasts much longer. So, I will try to live by this quote attributed to Corrie ten Boom, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

UPDATE:  I don’t own a camcorder so I thought I would embed this video taken by “opticalpress” on May 11, 2011.  You see a red shouldered hawk perched high in a tree and then the videographer shows the majestic bird in flight in slow-motion.  I hope this helps you to appreciate the regal splendor of this raptor.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mr. President Tear Down This Wall

The second day of the Democrats’ government shutdown brought with it another day of World War II veterans “storming” the barricades and fences set up to keep them out of the World War II Memorial.

There will be 23 more Honor Flights during the month of October and the possibility of 23 more confrontations with Park Police and fake protesters.

It’s no coincidence that the National Parks Service released this statement yesterday:
"The Honor Flights are being granted access to the WWII memorial to conduct First Amendment activities in accordance with National Park Service regulations applicable to the National Mall and Memorial Parks."
What brought about this reversal of abuse of our treasured veterans who waited 65 years for their own memorial on the National Mall?

A team of legal experts at The American Center for Law and Justice led by Jay Sekulow and Robert W. Ash warned the president, “Should the closure of the memorial continue, we will be obligated to file a federal lawsuit seeking an injunction against the government.”

Their letter, delivered to the White House via oversight service, said the “Greatest Generation” as represented by the veterans who were scheduled to visit the memorial, and who actually moved the barricades and tore down barriers erected by workers on the orders of the administration, “stepped forward during some of the darkest days of our history and placed themselves in harm’s way to protect the country they loved and our way of life.”

“Veterans of the Second World War are dying at the rate of approximately 640 per day. In order to allow veterans to see the memorial that was erected in their honor, Honor Flights have been organized to bring interested veterans to Washington to see the memorial that was erected to honor them,” the attorneys explained.

“Whoever in your administration made that decision exercised extremely poor judgment and should be admonished.”

“What we are witnessing is a disturbing violation of the First Amendment rights of our nation’s heroes,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ. “By spending money to bring in barricades to attempt to shut-down an open-air memorial is abhorrent and deeply insulting to WWII vets who defended the very freedoms that are now threatened by the Obama administration’s actions.”

The issue of the closure of the World War II memorial took over headlines nationwide on Wednesday, just a day after the first confrontation developed.

Additionally, Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) issued this terse warning:
“With due respect, Mr. President, we demand: First, that the World War II memorial be reopened immediately for all veterans, their families, and the public to honor and recognize the courage and achievement of those who fought to keep us free; Second, that the memorial be opened once again for First Amendment expressive activity by all members of the public; Third, that the barricades be taken down and removed forthwith; and Fourth, that you issue a personal apology on behalf of your administration to the veterans and their families who have been affected by the current closure.”
As was reported yesterday, the closure of the memorial was deliberately ordered by this administration.  A despicable act to say the least and was clearly politically motivated. 

Shame on The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer who daily spits in the faces of active duty military service members and veterans.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Velvet Ropes, Barricades And The Democrat’s Government Shutdown

Photo Credit:  Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
At the World War II Memorial there is a Freedom Wall.  The Monument is known as the Field of Gold Stars.  The inscription there reads: 

Here We Mark The Price Of Freedom

At the entrance to the memorial is the Announcement Stone.  The inscription on that stone reads:
Here In The Presence Of Washington And Lincoln,
One The Eighteenth Century Father And The Other The
Nineteenth Century Preserver Of Our Nation,
We Honor Those Twentieth Century Americans
Who Took Up The Struggle During The Second World War
And Made Sacrifices To Perpetuate The Gift Our Forefathers
Entrusted To Us:
A Nation Conceived In Liberty And Justice

The memorial weaves the watershed event of the 20th century into the National Mall's historical narrative as it humbly pays tribute to America’s greatest generation. 

More than 125 Honor Flight veterans from Mississippi and Iowa arrived for a previously scheduled visit to the World War II Memorial Tuesday morning, the first day of the government shutdown, to find it barricaded by the National Park Service. Several members of Congress escorted them inside after cutting police tape and moving barriers that blocked the memorial.

The trip had been planned for months for a group of 91 veterans as well as family members and escorts.

The Daily Caller and Ace of Spades reported that The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer specifically denied a permit to allow these veterans to visit the memorial.

Former Senator Bob Dole said of the memorial:
“When World War II ended, the generation of Americans that defeated the forces of tyranny neither asked for nor expected a memorial. They came home. They went to work. And they built a nation that remains the world's most powerful example of democracy and freedom in action.” 
“Many heroes from that great conflict did not return home. They didn't live to see the fruits of their sacrifice.  More than 12 million of the 16 million who served in uniform will not live to see the memorial completed. We build this memorial in their memory. We build it so future generations of Americans never forget what the World War II generation was called to do. We build it so they never forget the cost of freedom.” 
“There will come a day when many of our youth will be called veterans. Although our prayers ask for peace, the lessons of history teach us that freedom is not free. It must be earned and it must be protected from those who would conquer and oppress.” 
“The World War II Memorial will reinforce the message of our National Mall—the message of freedom—for generations to come.”
We owe our World War II veterans—in fact, all our veterans—a debt we can never fully repay.

The kabuki theater over national park closings is a disgusting, vindictive and trivial antic by this president and his minions in the Democratic Party.  It is meant to give the American people the sense that the function of federal workers is to open velvet ropes and point to where Washington once slept.

For the troops, many of whom are wheelchair-bound and now in their 80’s and 90’s, who fought at Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Bataan Corregidor, The Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Buna, Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Murmansk Run, Anzio, St. Lo, Alsace, The Battle of the Bulge and Remagen Bridge, storming the Memorial against National Park Police was an easy victory.

Erecting barricades to keep these honorable men and women from the memorial that was built in their honor became something vile.   All these elderly vets wanted to do was lay flowers and pay their respects to their fallen brothers— a generation that changed the world.

And the president remained silent.