Monday, September 2, 2013

Belly Laughs Emanate Throughout The World’s Capitals At Our Feckless Community Organizer

On Saturday, The Insufferable Airhorn was scheduled to speak to the nation and the world about the situation in Syria from the Rose Garden at 1:15 PM.  He was 20 minutes late, but then he’s always late ala Billy Jeff who seemed to be busy with blue dresses and cigars when he occupied the Oval Office.

Roughly half-an-hour after repeating his fine-tuned sense of moral outrage he left the White House for a round of golf accompanied by VPOTUS and Marvin Nicholson.

By postponing military action until Congress gives him the authorization to strike Assad’s regime is, to me, a political ploy to give him cover for his blustering gaffe about a red line.

Democratic pollster and one-time Bill Clinton advisor, Doug Schoen, writing at Forbes asserted that “the President’s move was calculated to force responsibility on a reluctant Congress and to play to 80% of the American people who have said in polls that they are against intervention in Syria, that does not mean that the US is offering anything but a confused image of our mission in the world to both our allies and foes.”

Schoen continues, “Thus, in the short term the President may have managed to escape from the political quandary he faces. But in the longer term, America looks weaker, feckless and more uncertain.”

To prove Schoen’s point, the day after the Rose Garden speech, a front-page article in Syria’s state-run newspaper, Al-Thawra, called his decision to seek congressional approval “the start of the historic American retreat.”

On Thursday and Friday of this week in St. Petersburg, Russia President McBombypants will meet with Vladimir Putin for the G20 Summit.  If you’ll remember, he called Putin “the bored kid in the back of the classroom,” during the G8 Summit in Ireland where the world took notice of the icy meeting between the two.

Reuters reports that the former KGB spy referred “ironically to Obama as a Nobel Peace laureate” describing U.S. global policy as a failure.

This president’s handling of the Syrian crisis showcases his every weakness in foreign policy and portends an emerging strategic calamity.  A war in the heart of the Middle East where al-Qaeda is far more active in Syria than it is in Libya could spill over into Turkey and Jordan and prove perilous to our ally in the region, Israel.

Reuters reported at 9:02 PM Sunday evening that the USS Nimitz strike group has been rerouted to the Arabian Sea for possible help with Syria.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen, but it is clear to this observer that prayers for our military are in order.

In case anyone needs a reminder of what a real man in the Oval Office looks like when dealing with barbarians here is the epitome: 

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