Wednesday, December 26, 2012

David Gregory: “Subject Of A Now-Popular Police Investigation”

Dylan Byers, one of the groupthink poodles over at Politico (I refuse to link that site), priggishly wrote as only Dylan can, “NBC's David Gregory, the subject of a now-popular police investigation, is on vacation and will not host this Sunday's edition of Meet the Press."

“The Washington Metropolitan Police Department launched an investigation this week into whether Gregory and NBC violated city laws when he displayed what appeared to be a gun magazine on last week's show. Today, the police issued a statement, saying NBC had been told before last Sunday's show that it was ‘not permissible’ to show a high-capacity gun magazine on air.”

“Gregory's vacation was scheduled prior to last week's show, according to NBC. [Sure it was.] He is scheduled to host the Jan. 5 edition of Meet the Press." [He will if he’s not still on the lam.]

NBC News has declined to comment on the investigation.  Clearly the Peacock Network’s shyster lawyers are stalling for time to see if they can conjure up some sort of journalistic privilege loophole.  They can’t have their precious end up in prison wearing a red wig and being forced to be mindful when bending over to pick up the soap he dropped in the shower.

The bottom line on the Gregory swirl is the DC cops have every right to know how he got his hands on both of the magazines he waved in front of the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and what has happened to them since the show.

I’m sure you already know that Mr. “Subject of A Now-Popular Police Investigation” sends his kids to a Washington-area school protected by armed guards; the same school, incidentally, that his O’liness’s kids go to.  Oh. The. Irony.

I’ll close this post with this thought from a fellow blogger and add that I wish I had said it:
“Mr. Gregory’s journalistic irresponsibility is one of the reasons why I’m pushing for a high-capacity magazine ban. No one has any legitimate reason to need a copy of Mother JonesThe New Republic, or Time with more than 10 pages.”
That is all.

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