Sunday, October 7, 2012

Biden: He’s In The Prime Of His Senility

Jim Geraghty notes, “A presidential reelection campaign needs three key elements: a defense of the incumbent’s record, a successful effort to define the opposition and a compelling vision of a second term.”

This regime’s campaign has distinct problems with all three elements.

Geraghty continues, “His defense of his record is exceptionally weak, his effort to define Mitt Romney is nearly exhausted, and his vision for the next four years—perhaps the most important—has been largely missing from his effort this year.”

Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation, Senior Strategist David Axelrod was asked by host Bob Schieffer about the Chicago Messiah’s debate performance, "Do you think he was ill prepared? Some are saying it was the people that prepared him. You were in the room most of the time.”

Axelrod answered, "I was one of the people who prepared him. I'm happy to take whatever responsibility people want to assign to me.”

Axelrod helped with #OccupyResoluteDesk’s debate prep you say.  My, my, my.  The Weekly Standard is reporting that Vice President Biden is taking a little vacay from the campaign trail to cram for his debate with Romney running mate Paul Ryan with Axe and “other campaign advisers”.

I suspect that when the morning after photographs of the Vice Presidential Debate are released, if we look closely, we’ll see Axelrod’s hand up Biden’s ass pulling the strings and controlling every word Crazy Uncle Joe utters.  Then, when the VP debate turns into a bloodbath, “heartbroken“ Chris Matthews will know exactly how and why it happened.


  1. That's a great Photoshop! What I have always admired about your work is your brilliant concepts and themes. This one is a good example.

  2. @Stogie,

    WOW. That was extremely nice of you to say. Thank you so much.


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