Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freedom To Succeed

Thomas Peterffy, a billionaire Hungarian immigrant, plans to spend between $5 and $10 million to reverse what he says is America’s slide toward socialism by airing this video on networks including CNN and CNBC.

Peterffy believes voters in November could unwittingly decide the sort of social system that defines the country for decades to come.

“I grew up in a socialist country, and I have seen what that does to people. There is no hope, no freedom, no pride in achievement. The nation became poorer and poorer. And that’s what I see happening here.”

Citing his childhood in Hungary and similar scenarios that he maintains have played out in other Eastern European countries and in Cuba, he warns that America risks its freedom to succeed.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photoshop™ Of The Day: Honest Abe Schools The Chicago Messiah

Leaks, Lies, Libya...Lack of Leadership

From the patriots of Special Operations Speaks.  
Make this go viral!

Right Jabs For October 28, 2012

Politics is not a playground, it’s a battlefield.  Here are a few links from conservative bloggers who are waging a war of words against the misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism of the mainstream media bobble-head dolls and groupthink poodles of the press corps.

General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it; he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.

It’s not easy for a guy who worked for ACORN to hit new lows, but Obama managed it by conspiring with the infamously slimy lawyer Gloria Allred on a last minute smear job against Romney. The results were less than impressive.

Here’s one thing we can be sure of about the Benghazi affair: almost everything we’ve been told since by the mainstream media is a lie, invariably one designed to shore up the creaky and desperate Obama administration.

The President lied to the nation. Anyone working in our government who knew anything about that night lied to the nation. And the press cowered and simpered, like a well-dressed Wormtongue, covering and twisting the narrative to help their Master.

The optimism that Obama’s supporters project is unfounded in hard data and historical precedent. 

…individuals come to America because it represents the land of opportunity…not Obama’s vision of Socialism

What kind of America knowingly leaves their citizens who are in harm’s way to die? 

After Obama had denounced Youssef in every forum from 60 Minutes to the United Nations to Pakistani TV, he was arrested, not to protect the Innocence of Muslims, but to protect the Innocence of Obama.

I think we have enough information and the question is where are the Articles of Impeachment right now? 

Now is the moment for you, General Petraeus, to demonstrate whether or not you are a careerist or a patriot.

If the America of now is one in which unemployment is high, people give up on the jobs market in despair, food stamp usage is at a record high, the government has control of our health care, earning power is down, GDP is low, and the government can do whatever the hell it wants, regardless of the Constitution, I’ll take the America I knew, even if you call that racist.

Because we care, we present the unintentionally amusing Campaign Ad of the Day.

Finally, an American citizen stands up to the International House of Rape and Corruption known as the UN.

Mamma’s Home!  (Now, we need Dan Riehl back on his feet standing guard over liberty as well.)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Help Was Never Coming

A Special Operations force went from central Europe to Naval Air Station Sigonella in southern Italy, just 480 miles from Benghazi. F-16s and Apache helicopters remained parked and unused at Aviano Air Base in northern Italy. Two Navy destroyers already in the Mediterranean Sea were moved off the coast of Libya on the day of the attack but were never used.

It was organized abandonment.  Shameful.

I hope the ghosts of Ambassador Stevens, the personal representative of the Chicago Messiah, former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty and Information Management Officer Sean Smith who were left to die, haunt him all the days of his sorry, arrogant life.

Someone needs to bring the blood-encrusted machine gun that Woods and Doherty were firing when they were killed by a mortar shell and toss it on the Resolute Desk right in front of this cowardly president.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photoshop™ Of The Day: Horses And Bayonets

Horses were used by the military during the Iraq invasion.  The Chicago Messiah doesn’t know the difference between a ship and a boat and someone needs to hit him over the head with a clue bat:  Submarines are boats not ships.

That’s some commander-in-chief we got.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Right Jabs For October 20, 2012

Politics is not a playground, it’s a battlefield.  Here are a few links from conservative bloggers who are waging a war of words against the misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism of the mainstream media bobble-head dolls and groupthink poodles of the press corps.

Sometimes it takes an outside view to clarify important matters. I hope this message will serve that purpose.

How are children supposed to learn to act like adults, when so much of what they see on television shows adults acting like children?

We suspect once President Romney is sworn in challenging the president will become a patriotic duty.

Hard as it is to believe, the disgusting farce of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency is still hitting new lows

Jeremy and his parents must be thrilled at the prospect of the young scholar requiring a year or two of retraining after acquiring his expensive 4-year degree in order to get him up to speed for the hypothetical factory jobs that will blossom under Obama's best-case employment scenario.

…still nothing—here on the dawn of the most important election in US history.

If Mitt has ‘Romnesia,’ Obama’s got nothing.

Wow. That binder kerfuffle. That’s just all different kinds of stupid, huh?

The first freedom in the days of the American Revolution was freedom from British rule. The first freedom in 1941 was freedom from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The first freedom during the Cold War was freedom from Communism. The first freedom in our own time is freedom from Islam.

That flushing sound you hear is another $50 million taxpayer dollars going down the shitter of Teh Won’s Green Energy policy.

This has all the makings for an historic landslide.

Holy Choom!  Praise be His crease!

And, if they say what I think they’re saying, Obama will be back in Chicago on January 21, 2013.

The major base of the Democratic Party is made up of two groups. Those who think they are owed free stuff and those who are just stupid.

…unless the country changes direction and stops moving “forward” this great country will soon be on that road to hell.  This was certainly not the “hope and change” we were all looking for.

James Taranto believes that CNN’s Candy Crowley was duped by David Axelrod to do President Obama’s bidding at the last debate.

But, it isn’t entirely fair to say Obama has no agenda. It’s just that the agenda for a second term is a retread of the first, including all the lies and failure.

If we give The Crapsack™ POTUS the heave-ho on November 6th, there's an additional bonus to this: the lobster-sucking, $5,000-sneaker-wearing WIDE LOAD FLOTUS—Moochelle—gets her fat ass run out of town as well.

What we know for sure is what Washington has known all along: Obama doesn’t like people. And increasingly, people don’t like him.

One of the loopier phrases coined by progressives is "smart power".  At its essence, it seeks to counter violent aggression with the consensus-based woolgathering of the European Union.  A post written back in August of 2011 seems eerily prescient in light of our non-response to the 9/11 attack in Benghazi, Libya.

This is the intellectual dead end liberalism brings us to. Fortunately, reality does not conform to their fevered nightmares. There is always a way, and innovation powered by free-market capitalism is the signpost.

Aren't you glad we have a president who doesn't understand basic economics? Me too! Because then he can walk into a debate and get away with saying stupid shit like this.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Liar’s Poker: Telling A Thousand Benghazi Lies For A Couple Of Points In Ohio

On the eve of the second presidential debate, the regime felt increasingly cornered and had to have a fall guy.  How convenient that Hillary has chosen to man up for the brutal slayings of Ambassador Chris Stevens, two former Navy SEALs and another diplomatic attaché.

Just this past Friday, in a remarkably brazen move, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, thrown under the bus, simply refused to answer questions about the attack. “That’s the very way that I’m answering your question today,” she said after not answering. “And I think I’ll leave it at that.”

“Mrs. Secretary, if you could, the question was,” the reporter said.

“I know, but I’m going to leave it at that.”

In a stunning revelation Monday night while in Peru, Clinton told CNN, “What I want to avoid is some kind of political gotcha or blame game.  I know that we are very close to an election.”

That’s some president we’ve got here folks.  He’s hiding behind a double-wide pantsuit skirt.  Word to the wise:  The Scorpion and the Frog.

To put a fine point on this whole debacle, I defer to the great Mark Steyn:
Given that Obama and Secretary Clinton refer to Stevens pneumatically as “Chris,” as if they’ve known him since third grade, why would they dishonor the sacrifice of their close personal friend by peddling an utterly false narrative as to why he died? You want “politicization”? Secretary Clinton linked the YouTube video to the murder of her colleagues even as the four caskets lay alongside her at Andrews Air Force Base—even though she had known for days that it had nothing to do with it. It’s weird enough that politicians now give campaign speeches to returning coffins. But to conscript your “friend’s corpse as a straight man for some third-rate electoral opportunism is surely as shriveled and worthless as “politicization” gets.
In the days before the attack Joe Biden had been peddling his Obama campaign slogan that “bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.” The first successful terrorist attack on U.S. sovereign territory since 9/11, and on the very anniversary and by al-Qaeda-linked killers, was not helpful to the Obama team. And so the nature of the event had to be “politicized”: Look, over there—an Islamophobic movie!  “Greater love hath no man than this,” quoth the president at Chris Stevens’ coffin, “that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Smaller love hath no man than Obama’s, than to lay down his “friend” for a couple of points in Ohio.
Meanwhile, back at the West Wing, Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett and Carney are patting themselves on the back saying, “Our bullshit is awesome!”

UPDATE via John Batchelor:  Was this an ambush by HRC to make OFA look spiteful and fearful of the Benghazi question in the debate this week and next?  The Clintons!   There has to be a part in here for Bill Clinton.  Is this revenge for the "3 A.M. Call" of 2008 that HRC didn't get to take?  Did Axelrod call Candidate Obama after HRC made the "I take responsibility," line, and say, "She did it, that (blank), stabbed us in the back at 9 pm!"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Felix Baumgartner: One Giant Leap For A Man

Let's see that again!

Irascible “Snarlin’ Arlen” Spector Dead At 82

Specter died Sunday morning at his home in Philadelphia from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, his son Shanin told the Associated Press.

Reviled by the right, mistrusted by the left and ever unpredictable, was nonetheless a major force in the U.S. Senate for three decades, casting what were often crucial votes on everything from judicial nominations to economic policy.

As a member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, it was in 1987 that Specter helped to defeat confirmation of President Ronald Reagan’s Supreme Court nomination, Robert Bork.  Four years later, his aggressive questioning of Anita Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment during Clarence Thomas’ nomination hearing, helped him ascend to the nation’s highest court.

In February 2009, he voted for the Democrats’ economic stimulus package, inflaming GOP sentiment against him.

Specter announced on April 28, 2009 that he was changing party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.  The party switch, which Vice President Biden helped to engineer behind the scenes, temporarily gave Democrats the 60th vote they needed to overcome Republican filibusters against President Obama's health care overhaul.

Later in 2009, Specter got a dose of the growing Tea Party rebellion when he appeared at a town hall meeting in Philadelphia alongside Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

The raucous scene that followed, aired on newscasts and posted on YouTube, would shake Democrats, embolden Republicans and force the White House to accelerate its health care strategy. It nearly succeeded in upending Obama's initiative.  It was this same meeting where a young woman blasted the senator telling him, "You have awakened a sleeping giant."

Pennsylvanians helped Joe Sestak to defeat Specter in that state’s Democratic Party primary on May 18, 2010.

The former senator announced on August 28, 2012 that he was battling cancer again proclaiming it was “another battle I intend to win.”

Rest in peace you grumpy, old warhorse.  

Thirteen Days In October: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Miami, Florida, 22 October 1962:  A Cuban refugee listens to President Kennedy's television address in which the president explained the United States' position on the Cuban situation to the American people and the world.  Photo courtesy:  Bettmann/CORBIS
On October 14, 1962, a United States Air Force U-2 plane on a photo-reconnaissance mission captured photographic proof of Soviet missile bases under construction in Cuba.

President Kennedy did not want the Soviet Union and Cuba to know that he had discovered the missiles. He met in secret with his advisors for several days to discuss the problem.

After many long and difficult meetings, Kennedy decided to place a naval blockade, or a ring of ships, around Cuba. The aim of this "quarantine," as he called it, was to prevent the Soviets from bringing in more military supplies. He demanded the removal of the missiles already there and the destruction of the sites. On October 22, President Kennedy spoke to the nation about the crisis in a televised address.

No one was sure how Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev would respond to the naval blockade and U.S. demands. But the leaders of both superpowers recognized the devastating possibility of a nuclear war and publicly agreed to a deal in which the Soviets would dismantle the weapon sites in exchange for a pledge from the United States not to invade Cuba. In a separate deal, which remained secret for more than twenty-five years, the United States also agreed to remove its nuclear missiles from Turkey. Although the Soviets removed their missiles from Cuba, they escalated the building of their military arsenal; the missile crisis was over, the arms race was not.

Another modern standoff is over Iran, which the West accuses of pursuing a nuclear weapons program. In a recent U.N. speech, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a red line on a cartoon bomb to illustrate that a nuclear Tehran would not be tolerated.

"Take Iran, which I have called a Cuban Missile Crisis in slow motion," said Graham Allison, author of the groundbreaking study of governmental decision-making "Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis."

"This same process is looming on the current trajectory, inexorably, toward a confrontation at which an American president is going to have to choose between attacking Iran to prevent it becoming a nuclear weapons state or acquiescing and then confronting a nuclear weapons state," Allison said.

"Kennedy's idea would be, 'Don't let this reach the point of confrontation,'" he added. "The risks of catastrophe are too great."

This Administration Lies To This Day

Of all the lies told by the current regime, those told about the Iranian nuclear weapons program and the savage murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens are among the most shocking and reprehensible.

The Benghazi slaughterhouse is the sickening result of an administration’s failure to heed the pleas and the warnings of ambassador Chris Stevens. Stevens and three other Americans died on September 11, 2012 and the administration lies to this day.

During the Thursday night debate, Vice President Biden threw the intelligence community to the wolves by shifting the blame for Obama’s incompetence and naiveté.

If you think we’re not being played, try this on for size.  Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD), while appearing on CNN said, "It's an evolving security situation. One can expect one thing true in the beginning is different in the end. I think we have to take the politics out of this. What voters care about, they may not care about Benghazi, but they care about Bin Laden."

Ms. Edwards’ impudence is, at once, both ghastly and frightening.  It has been 17 months since the death of bin Laden and despite having pledged not to use his death as a trophy, Obama and his minions continue to trot out his corpse in order to bolster his foreign policy chops and play on Americans’ fear.

If we travel through the Wayback Machine to the 2008 presidential primaries, the Obama team accused the Clinton team of “the politics of fear”.  One of the most effective attack ads Clinton launched was the White House phone ringing at 3 a.m.  The narrator informs the viewer that something is happening in the world and asks “Who do you want answering that phone?”

The hour is 5 p.m., Sept. 11, Washington time, and the scene is an Oval Office meeting among President Obama, the secretary of defense, the national security adviser and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi has been under assault for roughly 90 minutes. Some 30 U.S. citizens are at mortal risk. The whereabouts of Ambassador Stevens are unknown.
Was Ambassador Steven’s brutally sodomized, his body dragged through the streets of Benghazi, songs of victory being chanted over his body before being taken to a local hospital?

We may never know the unvarnished truth.  To know with certainty would incense us all.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, was jetting off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

The stunning Benghazi fallout is a failure of policy stemming from a flawed president’s flawed worldview and the political needs of an election season.

Completing the circle, according to proprietary reporting from Ed Klein, Bill Clinton is concerned that Barack Obama is about to throw Hillary Clinton under the bus.

On CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, Klein said that President Clinton is reaching out to friends in the legal profession trying to figure out what his wife should do if she’s subpoenaed—called in to testify about events in Libya.

Our four dead Americans had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Mr. Obama must remember that it was the “machine” that chose him and it is the “machine” that uses him and will throw him away when it is done with him.  Hopefully, November 6, 2012 will hasten that day and he too, will have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

May the blood on his hands haunt his every waking hour.

UPDATE:  Watch as one of Obama’s propaganda ministers tries to filibuster on the issue of Libya and then is forced to squirm when pressed about the matter.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Right Jabs For October 13, 2012

Politics is not a playground, it’s a battlefield.  Here are a few links from conservative bloggers who are waging a war of words against the misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism of the mainstream media bobble-head dolls and groupthink poodles of the press corps.

JFK's 1962 tax policy is much closer to what Romney wants than what Obama wants, fifty years later.

The outcome of this debate is that Biden just gave Benghazi-gate more legs.

…as soon as we read Mr. Al-Mulhim’s article, we understood that this honest and courageous man has painted a huge “Kill Me” sign on his back.

And with each battle, freedom has been lost as a new layer of privilege and the regulations that protect that privilege have been added. We have long ago lost the presumption of innocence, now everyone is guilty of something and the power to wield that guilt like a whip is the ultimate privilege.

[T]his story isn’t going away. And part of the story consists of what many believe is a coverup. Biden’s statements during the debate can be viewed as a continuation of the coverup. As such, they take on special importance.

Obama sends billions to Pakistan, but refused to give Benghazi any Marines.

In fact, it was Biden himself who broke into the Kennedy wardrobe to try on some of Bobby Kennedy's lines in his infamous 1988 Democratic primary debate plagiarism incident, and Biden's problems with plagiarism didn't end there. Nor did Biden's problems with plagiarism begin there.

“Bill is working on a number of strategies about what Hillary ought to do. He’s even gone so far as to play with various doomsday scenarios including up to the idea that Hillary would consider resigning over the issue if the Obama team tries to use her as a scapegoat.”

“Look, I’m generally dumber than most of the rest of the government. I mean, that’s what I’m paid to be.”

I mean, come on. Do I need to start getting a speech together? “I’d like to thank Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School…”

$2.5 billion miracle-of-technology distracted by small, shiny object.

I killed Osama bin Laden, let me do stuff.

It strains even the most robust sense of credulity to expect voters to believe that Obama personally approves kill orders on suspected terrorists and closely supervised the Bin Laden kill, but mysteriously hasn't a clue what's going in Libya.

You can tell Obama is losing, because he’s even more smirky and shouty than normal, hurling insults and tossing out committee-generated one-liners.

That the vice president of the United States could put together a performance that was just one step short of Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe on a desk at the United Nations should be deeply disturbing to average Americans.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden: All Gaffed-Up And Ready To Go

Tonight, the Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will be broadcast across the all networks, cable news channels and will be streamed live on YouTube™ and other internet sites.
The topics will be foreign and domestic policy.  This debate is of profound interest both nationally and internationally.
Marc A. Thiessen, a fellow with the American Enterprise Institute and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, broke the news on September 10, 2012 that “during his first 1,225 days in office, Obama attended his PDB [presidential daily briefing] just 536 times—or 43.8 percent of the time.”

Three days ago, Thiessen clearly defined a weapon for Ryan to use against the Vice President in tonight’s debate:  “Biden is fond of pointing out Romney and Paul Ryan’s lack of foreign policy experience. And it’s true, Biden does have a lot more experience than the GOP nominees—experience at being wrong.”

“Yet today it is Biden—the lone opponent of immediate action to kill bin Laden—who is painting Romney as unfit for office because he allegedly would have opposed it. There is, of course, no evidence that Romney would not have ordered the bin Laden raid. But we now know for certain that, were it up to Biden, the raid would not have gone forward.”
“Of course, Biden’s opposition to the bin Laden operation is not surprising. The fact is Biden has a near-perfect record of being wrong about almost every major foreign policy question that the United States has faced in the past three decades. He supported the nuclear freeze in the 1980s, opposed ballistic missile defense and warned of a new arms race if the United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (we did, and no arms race ensued). He opposed aiding the Nicaraguan democratic resistance that helped roll back communism in our hemisphere, the Reagan defense buildup that bankrupted the Soviet Union, the first Gulf War that liberated Kuwait, and the 2007 surge that turned back the insurgency and defeated al-Qaeda in Iraq. With this record, it is no shock that Biden opposed the killing of bin Laden as well. But it takes chutzpah for Biden to publicly castigate Romney for his imaginary opposition to the bin Laden operation, when Biden actually opposed the bin Laden operation.”
If Biden dares to repeat his now famous line, “GM is alive, and Bin Laden is dead,” Ryan can simply answer, “Bin Laden wouldn't be dead if you had your way, Joe.”
Pass the popcorn.  I'll take another Milk Dud. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama Hiding Behind Big Bird

The owners of the children's show "Sesame Street" have asked the Obama campaign to pull down an ad released Tuesday that shows an image of Big Bird and mocks Republican nominee Mitt Romney for holding up the popular children's character as a symbol of unnecessary government spending.

"We have approved no campaign ads and, as is our general practice, have requested that both campaigns remove Sesame Street characters and trademarks from their campaign materials," said Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization that produces and owns the show, in a statement.

The Obama campaign is reviewing Sesame Workshop’s request.

A reporter traveling with the Obama camp asked Jen Psaki aboard Air Force One, “Thinking back to the last campaign of ‘08 and this time, too, the President has bemoaned at times the focus on trivial things.  And even though you made the point about cutting the deficit, a lot of people will read about it, hear about this ad—we‘re a month away from the election and we’re talking about Big Bird.  Is this the kind of focus that the campaign should have?

And from the Left:

And from the brilliant mind of an American Weasel in darkest England:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Romney: America Carries A Torch And Must Hold It High Enough That All The World Can See Its Light

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney gave his much anticipated foreign policy speech today at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA.  He began by citing its contributions to the nation both in war and in peace by the students’ “transformation into citizens and warriors and leaders.”
Romney continued,  “Of all the VMI graduates, none is more distinguished than George Marshall—the Chief of Staff of the Army who became Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, who helped to vanquish fascism and then planned Europe’s rescue from despair. His commitment to peace was born of his direct knowledge of the awful costs and consequences of war. General Marshall once said, ‘The only way human beings can win a war is to prevent it.’  Those words were true in his time—and they still echo in ours.”
Romney then began in earnest to demolish the president’s foreign policy by raising the issue of Benghazi. “As the dust settles, as the murdered are buried, Americans are asking how this happened, how the threats we face have grown so much worse, and what this calls on America to do.  These are the right questions.  And I have come here today to offer a larger perspective on these tragic recent events—and to share with you, and all Americans, my vision for a freer, more prosperous, and more peaceful world.”

“The attacks on America last month should not be seen as random acts.  They are expressions of a larger struggle that is playing out across the broader Middle East—a region that is now in the midst of the most profound upheaval in a century.  And the fault lines of this struggle can be seen clearly in Benghazi itself.”
“The attack on our Consulate in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012 was likely the work of forces affiliated with those that attacked our homeland on September 11th, 2001. This latest assault cannot be blamed on a reprehensible video insulting Islam, despite the Administration’s attempts to convince us of that for so long.  No, as the Administration has finally conceded, these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists who use violence to impose their dark ideology on others, especially women and girls; who are fighting to control much of the Middle East today; and who seek to wage perpetual war on the West.”
Lara Logan, CBS correspondent told 60 Minutes in a passionate plea, “that our government is downplaying the strength of our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a rationale of getting us out of the longest war.  We have been lulled into believing that the perils are in the past:  ‘You’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight.  In your arrogance, you think you write the script.  Our enemies are writing the story and there’s no happy ending for us.’”

Romney emphatically said it is the “responsibility of our President to use America’s great power to shape history—not to lead from behind, leaving our destiny at the mercy of events.  Unfortunately, that is exactly where we find ourselves in the Middle East under President Obama.”

The world is in the throes of a crisis and this president has grabbed at baubles and glitter, made endless speeches, attended fundraisers and played at least 100 rounds of golf.

Romney said he would support Israel, the nation most obviously at risk if Iran acquired nuclear weapons, and charged that Obama’s poor relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has helped embolden Iran and other adversaries.

“I will reaffirm our historic ties to Israel and our abiding commitment to its security,” Romney said. “The world must never see any daylight between our two nations.”

He closed his speech with optimism, “The 21st century can and must be an American century. It began with terror, war, and economic calamity. It is our duty to steer it onto the path of freedom, peace, and prosperity.”

“The torch America carries is one of decency and hope. It is not America’s torch alone. But it is America’s duty—and honor—to hold it high enough that all the world can see its light.”

Bing West echoes my sentiment about Romney’s speech today:  “In summary, Mr. Romney has presented a foreign-policy view akin to that of President Reagan, asserting faith in American leadership—while equating Mr. Obama’s leadership to that of the timid President Jimmy Carter.”

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The White House Disinformation Campaign On Libya

New evidence shows there were security threats in Libya in the months prior to the deadly September 11 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Despite these threats, the State Department left its personnel there to fend for themselves.

Biden: He’s In The Prime Of His Senility

Jim Geraghty notes, “A presidential reelection campaign needs three key elements: a defense of the incumbent’s record, a successful effort to define the opposition and a compelling vision of a second term.”

This regime’s campaign has distinct problems with all three elements.

Geraghty continues, “His defense of his record is exceptionally weak, his effort to define Mitt Romney is nearly exhausted, and his vision for the next four years—perhaps the most important—has been largely missing from his effort this year.”

Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation, Senior Strategist David Axelrod was asked by host Bob Schieffer about the Chicago Messiah’s debate performance, "Do you think he was ill prepared? Some are saying it was the people that prepared him. You were in the room most of the time.”

Axelrod answered, "I was one of the people who prepared him. I'm happy to take whatever responsibility people want to assign to me.”

Axelrod helped with #OccupyResoluteDesk’s debate prep you say.  My, my, my.  The Weekly Standard is reporting that Vice President Biden is taking a little vacay from the campaign trail to cram for his debate with Romney running mate Paul Ryan with Axe and “other campaign advisers”.

I suspect that when the morning after photographs of the Vice Presidential Debate are released, if we look closely, we’ll see Axelrod’s hand up Biden’s ass pulling the strings and controlling every word Crazy Uncle Joe utters.  Then, when the VP debate turns into a bloodbath, “heartbroken“ Chris Matthews will know exactly how and why it happened.

Right Jabs For October 7, 2012

Politics is not a playground, it’s a battlefield.  Here are a few links from conservative bloggers who are waging a war of words against the misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism of the mainstream media bobble-head dolls and groupthink poodles of the press corps.

I don’t think this is any kind of game changer. Only political junkies will ever see these clips, and everybody—even the folks who are going to vote for him—know he’s a phony, race-baiting jack hole by now.

…it’s only a matter of time before his words are branded as racist.

And last night he was burned by it.  How’s that for irony?

The expectations were high and remained high until the Chicago Messiah began to speak. And then there was nothing.

It is tempting, for example, to imagine recent history and the state of America had President Barack Obama never existed— if, say, Stanley Ann Dunham had decided to try out for the Dallas Cheerleaders, or pursued a degree in physics, instead of trying to prove her "tolerance" with a sham marriage with a Kenyan Muslim and making whoopee in Hawaii with a black Communist on the FBI's watch list while pursuing degrees in anthropology and micro-financing—and so have never been born and sparing the country of his brand of super-sized community organizing. But, that would be too easy. 

I want to state for the record that I whole-heartedly encourage King Barack the Unready to charge head-on into the next debate, Narcissism-a-blazing.

Godless Commies in academia and the media are crapflooding the public discourse.  [SNIP]  It’s time for a great awakening in this country, where we kick Commies curb-ward, and re-assert liberty and mutual respect. Let these Commies return to hell, and take their lies, Affirmative Action, and Equal Opportunity Officers with them.

The first question, which has been asked many a time without an answer, is why the Obama admin[istration] would send the US Ambassador to the UN out on to the political show circuit in the first place, and with those talking points. The second question is what the administration thinks they will accomplish by throwing the intelligence community under the bus.