Saturday, March 31, 2012

Increasingly Influential Network Says Buh-Bye To Butthurt Bathtub Boy

From the New York Times we learn this shocking news: 

For nearly a year now, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt have been building their liberal cable news channel, Current TV, with the mercurial television anchorman Keith Olbermann at its center.
          This week, the center collapsed.
Current said on Friday afternoon that it had fired Mr. Olbermann—one of the nation’s most prominent progressive speakers—just a year into his five-year, $50 million contract. It was the culmination of months of murky disputes between Mr. Olbermann and the channel that he was supposed to save from the throes of ratings oblivion.

Business Insider reveals that a source familiar with the situation said Current decided to let Bathtub Boy go because he “did not respect the viewers of Current.”

The source added that Olbermann failed to show up for work without authorization, missing almost half of his working days in the months of January and February. Olbermann asked for a vacation day on March 5, the night before Super Tuesday, according to the source. He was told it would be a breach if he took the vacation, which Olbermann did.

Politico's Keach Hagey tweets that a source familiar with the firing says Olbermann was let go "for failing to show up to work, 'sabotaging the network' and attacking Current execs."

Having bungled his gigs at ESPN, MSNBC and now Current, it is painfully evident that Bathtub Boy is incapable of peacefully co-exiting with any media outlet. 

What lies ahead for poor Keef?  There’s OWN and Media Matters.  I think Media Matters would be the perfect place for him to land.  Meanwhile, all three two of his loyal viewers are gnashing their teeth and running around with their hair on fire.


  1. Gaaaah, where is the brain bleach? :-)

  2. I love that bathtub cartoon. Laugh out loud funny.

  3. Thank you Pisan. Hope you are doing well.


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