Monday, January 30, 2012

Make A Difference: Super Bowl XLVI Fantasy Game To Benefit The Troops

Want to do something that will make a real difference to the troops? 

Participate in Move America Forward’s Super Bowl XLVI Fantasy Super Bowl game.  All donations go to benefit our troops, especially those who are also anxiously waiting to see the big game.

Care packages include coffee, cookies, jelly beans, Chapstick™, deodorant, beef jerky, trail mix, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, bug repellant, battery operated fans, foot powder and sunblock.

The MAFBOWL is our way of sending some special support to our troops serving overseas with a football twist for Sunday’s Super Bowl game.  We want to know if our Patriots fans will donate more care packages for the troops or if Giants fans will be more generous. Which team's fans will rally to send more care packages to the troops to even the score?

To send a Giants Care Package click here.
To send a Patriots Care Package click here.



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