Thursday, October 31, 2019

New ISIS Head Unveils Plan to Defeat Detection by US Military

Pupgate: All The President’s Photoshops

Following the utter obliteration of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,  the austere religious scholar with a penchant for occasional decapitations, the 45th President of the United States tweeted out a picture of the valiant military K9 that was on the raid of his compound in the Idlib region of Syria.

The Daily Wire had the temerity to “manipulate” a 2017 photograph taken during a Medal of Honor Ceremony for Army medic Spc. 5 James C. McCloughan.  A New York Times reporter was so incensed by the President’s retweet of the photoshopped picture, he reached out to the 73-year-old Nam vet for his thoughts on the matter.  McCloughan had not seen the image prior to the reporter sending it to him.
The reporter clearly didn’t get the response he was hoping for because McCloughan said he interpreted it as Mr. Trump recognizing the dog’s heroism.  According to the published report, he certainly was not offended and laughed when he compared the two images saying, “This recognizes the dog is part of that team of brave people.”

He was also concerned about the condition of the dog, after the President tweeted the dog had been injured when the terror leader detonated his suicide vest. “Once a medic, always a medic,” Mr. McCloughan said. 
President Trump said via Twitter at 12:36 AM this morning he will be greeting the heroic pooch when he visits the White House sometime next week. 
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Psycho Politicians: Halloween Edition

Tis' the season for scary movies, one after another, as horror movie marathons pave the way to Halloween.  The 2020 election season is already weird and guaranteed to get scary.  Here’s a collection of Halloween pics with the current crop of psycho politicians.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Clobbering The Nats: Let’s Go ‘Stros

I’ve been a Braves fan ever since the days of Hammerin’ Hank Aaron.  After a season of “rebuilding”, the team was poised to bring back the glory days of their 14 back-to-back Division Titles from 1991-2005.

I wasn’t interested in the World Series this year because their nemesis, the Washington Nationals, were playing inspired baseball coming back from 12 games under .500 (19-31) to make the postseason.

The Braves lost to the Cards in the NLDS and their dreams of a return to the World Series were snuffed out.

I was shocked when the Astros lost the first two games at home.  Ditto when they won three straight at Nationals Park over the weekend.  Now, I will be watching Game 6 when the Nats return to Minute Maid Park and a decidedly different crowd.  The Astros lead the series 3-2 and the Nationals have no more room for a loss.  They face the ‘Stros pitching ace Justin Verlander.

You may wonder, hey, you’re pulling for Houston because the Braves didn’t make it to the show.  You’d be wrong.  I’m rooting for them because of the shameful way the partisan DC Beltway fans disgraced themselves during Game 5 Sunday.

While Game 4 was being played, a years-long manhunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, culminated in U.S. commandos killing him.

It’s not the booing of President Trump that got me upset. That sort of thing happens with every president.  No, no. It was the two banners displayed behind home plate in near perfect view of television cameras which read “Veterans for Impeachment” and the chants of “Lock Him Up”.  Absolutely no one is more pro-veteran than this president. 

According to Stars and Stripes, “The banners were the work of Common Defense, a liberal veterans advocacy group that numbers fewer than a dozen members of the veterans community which polls show gives Trump widespread support.”

The Washington crowd’s mockery may have felt good, but it will have unintended consequences.  The world is a safer place now that al-Baghdadi has breathed his last breath.  Many view the actions President Trump took as his finest hour. The world owes this president a debt of gratitude for approving, unlike his predecessor, the aggressive military actions that crushed ISIS and killed its commander.  I hope a ton of fans in Houston wave the American flag and chant “Four More Years” to show the world the DC Beltway does not speak for the rest of the country.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

When my kids make fun of me trying to learn to new technology I remind them I had to teach them how to use a spoon.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Arkansas Vs Alabama: Homecoming Pig Roast

It looks like Bama gets another SEC conference win as the Pigs of Arky come to T-Town.  Bama has an 11-game winning streak against Chad Morris’ hapless Razorbacks.

It’s Homecoming and the Crimson Tide is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its 2009 National Championship against the Longhorns of Texas; the only Saban squad to finish the season undefeated.

QB Tua Tagovailoa suffered a high ankle injury against Tennessee last Saturday.  The following day he underwent a procedure to repair it and will not play against Arkansas.  Next week is a bye week and Coach Saban believes Tua will be ready for some Murderball against the high-flying LSU Tigers who are currently ranked No. 2 in the nation.

Back-up QB Mac Jones will be starting with Tua out.  Mac went 6 for 11 for 72 yards in the win against the Vols.  If he does well, it’s entirely possible Tua’s brother Taulia may see action in mop-up duty.

The Tide’s defense and LB Terrell Lewis should be able to hog tie the piggies’ offense given they are 10th in total offense and 11th in scoring in the SEC.  The Razorbacks rushed for only 52 yards and passed for a meager 182 yards and that inexplicable fake punt that failed miserably in their 51-10 drubbing by Auburn.

Sadly, Coach Morris admitted the resulting interception wasn’t the result he was looking for saying, “We’d actually been working on that for a couple of weeks…We were going to let the rush come and just a touch pass over the top, like a basketball shot.”

Try that again Chad.  Auburn couldn’t do anything with the interception, but Bama—they know exactly what to do with the pumpkin.

A Very Curious Spectacle: The Trained Parrot And The Democrats’ Holy Grail

The Mueller testimony before both the House and Judiciary Committees was supposed to be the impetus that would open an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

The report filed by Special Counsel Mueller found Russia did interfere with the election, but “did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, despite multiple efforts from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.”

As far as obstruction, the report laid out facts on both sides but did not reach a conclusion that the President committed a crime, nor did it exonerate him.  The Democrats lacked a clear message about impeachment.

Russia, Russia, Russia went by the wayside.  Trump-hating Democrats were left flopping on the dock like a hooked fish pulled from the water.

This week headlines blared from progressive left outlets from widely leaked closed-door testimony by William Taylor, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, who assumed that position in July. Taylor reportedly testified he was “alarmed” the Trump Administration allegedly withheld military assistance unless Ukraine committed to investigating 2016 election corruption, including alleged wrongdoing by the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Ambassador Taylor is very familiar with the process of “conditioning” U.S. foreign aid. He spoke of it extensively in November 2011 after he had just been handpicked by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a new position as the State Department’s Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions, specifically Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

According to the Employee Post-Travel Disclosure Form and the Sponsor Post-Travel Disclosure Form for Thomas Eager, a member of Adam Schiff’s staff, he traveled to Ukraine in August to meet with Taylor who was deemed to be the key impeachment witness.  The official partner of Burisma is the Atlantic Council.  The Atlantic Council sponsored the trip.

William Taylor also has strong connections to other dark power players, many of whom are embroiled in the spying scandal currently under investigation by Attorney General William Barr and US Attorney John Durham.

Taylor was a senior advisor to the US- Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), where he often presented round table discussions about policy with David Kramer from the McCain Institute. Kramer was responsible for laundering the Steele Dossier into the FBI on behalf of John McCain. Also a key player at the USUBC is the Atlantic Council, a Washington DC-based organization funded in part by Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian billionaire who was a donor to the Clinton Foundation. Crowdstrike co-founder and CTO Dmitri Alperovitch is also a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. Crowdstrike was responsible for the DNC servers, and claims that it was Russia that hacked the servers and provided the information to Wikileaks.

Crowdstrike also held them privately for analysis rather than allow the FBI to forensically analyze them. In the now-infamous call with the President Zelensky, President Trump asked him to look for the missing DNC servers suspecting they were in Ukraine.

Breaking overnight was the revelation that the Department of Justice has moved its review of the Russian investigation into a criminal probe according to the New York Times giving prosecutor John Durham subpoena power over testimony and documents in the Russia probe.  Former DNI Director James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan should lawyer-up now.

A scant twenty minutes elapsed after the NYT published the news prompting Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff to issue a joint statement accusing the President of politicizing the DOJ saying, “These reports, if true, raise profound new concerns that the Department of Justice under AG Barr has lost its independence and become a vehicle for President Trump’ political revenge.”

That’s rich coming from these two charlatans as they continue to foist an unauthorized impeachment inquiry that is itself a political narrative for the next election intended to destroy this president.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lindsey Graham’s Empty Promises And Pencil Neck Schiff’s Star Chamber

Yesterday when news broke that Republicans “stormed” the House Intelligence Committee’s SCIF, everyone was aghast.  Video clearly showed members of the Freedom Caucus calmly entering the room where Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper was set to testify about the suspension of nearly $400 million in military aid for Ukraine.

Use of the term “star chamber” has been bandied about to describe the impeachment inquiry of President Trump because the proceedings, like it’s medieval namesake, are being conducted behind closed doors in the basement of the Capitol without due process or a jury present.

Little Miss Lindsey [Graham] condemned GOP House members for their actions saying, “They’re making a run in the SCIF!  That’s not the way to do it.  That’s nuts.”

He later walked back his comments tweeting:
Oh Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey.  Is it any wonder there is growing frustration over your failure to call for hearings on Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, the Clinton campaign’s payment to foreign sources to create a fake dossier against Donald Trump, the politically driven Brett Kavanaugh smear campaign, Joe Biden’s overseas influence peddling and Adam Schiff’s ruthless attempts to obtain dirt on Trump from the Ukrainian embassy?

We all remember how far up John McCain’s ass Sen. Graham was.  No one was more shocked than I was when Graham spectacularly came to the defense of Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  I don’t think it's superfluous to say that day Graham’s outrage over the Democrats’ unethical sham may have saved America.

So, what happened to that Lindsey Graham?  He said he would find the truth behind the bureaucratic coup that sought to unseat a duly elected president. What dark secret keeps him from doing his job as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee? John McCain’s legacy, that’s what.  It was John McCain who personally delivered the salacious Steele dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey and instructed it be shared with the Obama State Department and an Obama National Security Council official.

Graham announced on Monday he plans to introduce a resolution in the Senate condemning House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry arguing any articles of impeachment should be dismissed in the Senate without a trial because they are “illegitimate and unconstitutional”. “I hope every Republican will join my resolution.”

Yeah.  That’ll scare the bejeebers out of Schiff and Pelosi said no one, ever.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hillary Seen Helping Two Men Climb The Famous “Joker” Stairs In New York City

According to a published report by Gothamist, the stairs connecting Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx has become the most famous set of stairs in New York City thanks to the dance moves made by Joaquin Phoenix in the movie “Joker”.

The stairs have their own Instagram hashtag with over 700 tagged photos and the constant foot traffic has frustrated local residents trying to get to school and work.

Hillary Clinton was put out to pasture after her 2016 coronation failed to materialize.  Her impossible dream was shattered.  Her bitterness reached a crescendo last week when she called fellow Democrat Tulsi Gabbard a “favorite of the Russians.”

There is no outcry for Hillary to run again; Democrats do not reward presidential losers.  After all, she single-handedly botched the Party’s long-held fever dream of completely transforming America into a socialist shithole for generations.

The knowledge that no one is paying her any attention is killing her.  She has oodles of time on her hands and you know what they say about idle hands; they’re the devil’s workshop.

The Gabbard flap backfired so Hillary decided to see if she could gin up some sympathy.  After all, what’s more pathetic than a has-been who famously falls up and falls down stairs and has to be thrown into a van like a side of beef at a 9/11 memorial service?

“I’ll show them,” she thought.  “I’ll go to Highbridge with my minions and climb those damned stairs and prove I’m presidential timber.”  The Joker was there waiting for the inevitable muttering under his breath, “Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?”

NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEYS:  Hillary won’t dare get within a mile of stairs and she would never go anywhere there are deplorables so, she did not climb the Joker stairs.  The Bronx is just too icky for her.

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Canadians Reelect Their First Black Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau has won a second term as Prime Minister with a minority Liberal government.  In a tight race against Conservative Andrew Scheer, Trudeau faced criticism after pictures of him wearing blackface were uncovered. The Prime Minister also faced allegations of unethical behavior by attempting to get his Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to drop criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin, a Quebec engineering company.  The bombshell scandal is being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Pierre Delecto: Noble Republican, My Ass

Utah senator “Mittens” Romney was outted Sunday by Slate for having a now-locked shadow Twitter account allegedly to “promote his failed 2012 campaign” and condemn political moves with which he disagrees.
John Nolte points out it took the writer for Slate “about 14 seconds to discover a sitting United States Senator uses the name Pierre Delecto to run all around Twitter defending” none other than Mitt Romney. 
The story unraveled when McKay Coppins, an activist reporter for The Atlantic, published a lengthy profile on Romney trying to convince readers he is a noble Republican foil to an “out-of-control President.”

The ever-immaculate Romney has become a viral laughingstock; an insecure backstabbing coward nobody. 

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

You know you are getting old when a bunch of annoying teenagers are being chased by a mad slasher in a horror movie and you’re cheering him on.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Tennessee Vs Alabama: Smokey Will Don The “Cone Of Shame”

Unranked Tennessee comes to T-Town to face No. 1 Alabama in the first night game to be played under the new lights at Bryant-Denny Stadium. During the off-season the stadium was outfitted with a new synchronized system much like LSU’s Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

Tonight’s game, the 102nd meeting, will be Vols Head Coach Jeremy Pruitt’s first trip back to Bryant-Denny since taking the coaching job in December 2017.

The traditional Third Saturday in October hasn’t been competitive for the Rocky Toppers of late.  Bama has a 12-game winning streak that dates back to 2007.  In just the last three meetings the Tide won by a combined 152 to 38.

Will Tennessee start QB Brian Maurer or Jarrett Guarantano tonight?  Apparently, that decision will be made at game time.  Maurer is extremely talented, but there’s a drawback — he’s super error-prone.  Guarantano did a nice job last week against Cowbell U but his shockingly poor performances this season makes me think Maurer starts.

I hope his get-away sticks are strong because Alabama’s defense is devastating at shutting down the deep-passing game and any challenges by Maurer will end badly.

Vols LB Darrell Taylor spouted off this week referring to Tua Tagovailoa as a “decent quarterback”.  So, look for Tua to toss the pumpkin to receivers Jerry Jeudy and Devonta Smith a bunch for a decisive beatdown.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Been Laid Up Awhile

But feeling better.

I tripped in my garage two years ago (October 2017) and shattered my left shoulder such that it had to be replaced.  Unfortunately it became infected four months later and my surgeon opened me up again to clean it out. He thought he had it all... he didn't.

The infection came roaring back with a vengeance. After a bunch of useless tests this summer (a lump the size of a small potato on my shoulder wasn't enough - ultrasound, nuclear bone scan, CAT scan) he finally had another test that pulled nasty strawberry sludge out of the shoulder. He then admitted it was an infection but he was not comfortable doing another replacement, I looked for another surgeon and found one.

To make a long story short, the metal prosthesis was removed last Monday and a cement spacer impregnated with strong antibiotics was inserted. I was very fortunate in that although my shoulder was filled with pus and other fluid, the bone was not damaged by the bacteria.

The spacer must stay in for six weeks along with a heavy regime of injected antibiotics delivered through a PICC line in my right arm.  Twice a day my wife does the PICC routine. This takes almost six hours a day.

I came home Thursday. The constant pain of infection is gone now, I just have the discomfort from having my shoulder cut open again; a mild narcotic (do not like the oxy stuff) keeps that at a tolerable level.

Once I'm healed, I must make a decision on when to have the permanent metal replacement joint put in. I think I'll put that off for a bit.

But Thank The LORD for the science/knowledge that made this possible. The nursing staff at the hospital were simply awesome, they couldn't do enough for me.

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

When I have problems I sing, then I realize that my voice is a lot worse than my problems.


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