Saturday, February 18, 2017

Chuck Todd: Mean Tweets Edition

President Trump’s heated press conference press ass-chewing was met with hissy fits and pearl clutching of epic proportion by members of the mainstream Obama sycophant media.  Chuck Todd proclaimed they are not the enemy of the American people.

John Dickerson, host of CBS’s Face the Nation, admitted the American people have lost faith in the media’s credibility noting, “The press did all that good work ruining its reputation on its own and we can have a long conversation about what created that.”
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I Was Told There’d Be No Mustaches In This Administration

When President-elect Donald Trump was forming his cabinet former UN Ambassador John Bolton’s name was bandied about for Secretary of State, but that nomination never materialized because he reportedly had an issue with Bolton’s white mustache.

President Teddy Roosevelt served two brawny terms in the Oval Office.  His successor, William Howard Taft, ascended to the presidency with lower nose foliage.  Neither political party has nominated a candidate for president since Dewey challenged Truman.

“Uncle” Walter Cronkite read us the news with a mustache and we rejoiced in mustachioed Mark Spitz’s domination in the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich.  The mustache’s time in the sun seems to have passed.  No more Robert Redford crumb catcher in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; no more lip caterpillars sported by the likes of Frank Zappa, David Crosby, Barry Gibb or Freddy Mercury.

Washington Post reporters Phillip Rucker and Karen Tumulty revealed that part of the President-elect’s methodical searches for cabinet officials included seeking what he deemed to be an appropriate “look.”  Was there ever a more dynamic mustache than that of Hollywood heartthrob Clark Gable?

When Bolton wasn’t nominated he showed his facial hair militancy by vigorously declaring:
Since Lt. Gen Michael Flynn resigned was fired as National Security Adviser on Monday amidst reports he misled Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he held with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sen. Ted Cruz has called on the President to pick Bolton to fill that role.

“John is someone who is very well known here on the Hill. Republicans and Democrats know John Bolton well. He is someone who understands the world. He understands the threats of radical Islamic terrorism. He understands the threats of an overaggressive Putin,” Cruz told CNN's Manu Raju on Friday.

I tend to agree.  He knows where the skeletons are hidden in the Obama-era State Department and he’s a man of deep conviction.  The proofhe will not shave to get a job. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Democrat Smile Contest

Meathead’s Bridge Of Spies

Rob Reiner starred in the role of Michael Stivic in the 1970s sitcom All in the Family.  He was the live-in son-in-law who was the bane to Archie Bunker, a bigoted working-class family man with a heart of gold. 

Archie’s opinions often reflected an ingrained ignorance, which were typically undone thanks to his hidden empathy and grumpy willingness to see the world changing around him.

He delighted in calling Stivic “Meathead”.  When the two met each other in Season 2, Episode 5, Archie gleefully explained a “meathead” was someone who was “dead from the neck up.”

Rob Reiner AKA “Meathead” was a misguided moonbat then and remains so to this day.

Reiner appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Sunday to blather about allegations National Security Adviser Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with a Russian ambassador and to deride President Trump calling him a “pathological liar” who is “mentally unstable”.

“We have somebody who is mentally unstable, who is a pathological liar—there’s no getting around that—who’s running our country,” he said. “And if we can survive this, that will strengthen us in a strange way.”

“We’re looking at a cancerous presidency that we cannot allow to spread,” Reiner said.

Here’s what Meathead tweeted yesterday:
Between Reiner’s intelligence community coup and Sarah Silverman’s military coup, Hollywood’s fruitcakes are perilously close to violating 18 US Code Chapter 115 which addresses treason, sedition and subversive activities.

A warning tweet soon followed:

Breaking News: Source of Democrat Email Leaks Discovered

...seems they used the wrong Norton Anti-Virus! 


Hard-Hitting, Crackerjack Journalism Keeps Coming Like Locusts

The Boston Globe reported Chris Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, joined President Trump at the White House this week.

The Republican governor said while guest hosting a New York sports talk radio show that Trump pointed out the menu and told people to get whatever they wanted.

“This is what it’s like to be with Trump,” Christie said. “He says, ‘There’s the menu, you guys order whatever you want.’ And then he says, ‘Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.’”

Trump said “I’m telling you, the meatloaf is fabulous,” according to Christie.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Shepard Smith Trying So Hard To Get A Job At CNN

During a press conference on Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta complained that the "fix was in" when President Trump only called on conservative news outlets. 

Today, in a lengthy and wide-ranging press conference Acosta was called on by the president who repeatedly criticized Acosta’s cable network.  He did not mention his colleague Don Lemon by name, but pointed out the 10:00 PM slot was “nearly all anti-Trump.”

It was like watching a heavyweight boxer brutalize a featherweight in the ring.  You couldn’t look away.

Fox’s Shepard Smith was apoplectic over the clash.

Playboy Magazine Unbuttoned

After a buttoned-up year, Playboy magazine announced Monday it will return to featuring beautiful young women posing nude in its magazine.

Cooper Hefner, son of magazine founder Hugh Hefner tweeted Monday, "I'll be the first to admit that the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated, but removing it entirely was a mistake."

26-year-old Scarlett Byrne, who played Pansy Parkinson in “The Half-Blood Prince” and “Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2,” posed nude for Playboy’s March/April issue which hits newsstands February 28th.  Byrne just happens to be engaged to Hefner.

So the Dow Jones Industrial Average is over twenty thousand, the California drought is over and naked women are back in Playboy. President Trump’s only been in office four weeks and already America is great again.  Amirite boys?

Your lady friends will not believe you when you say you're reading it "for the articles."

“Moscow Mike” And The Bloodthirsty Democrats

When news broke that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had resigned as National Security Adviser I felt disquieted and uneasy.  That’s because the media latched on to the story portraying the young Trump Administration as being thrown into chaos. They wanted me to feel that way.

Democrats were emboldened by Flynn’s departure. “The reality is General Flynn was unfit to be the National Security Advisor, and should have been dismissed three weeks ago,” Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the top-ranking Democrats on the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, wrote in a joint statement.

“Now, we in Congress need to know who authorized his actions, permitted them, and continued to let him have access to our most sensitive national security information despite knowing these risks,” they added. “We need to know who else within the White House is a current and ongoing risk to our national security.”

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), the top Foreign Affairs Committee Democrat, called for a “thorough, bipartisan investigation to get the complete picture of Russia’s interference” in the US presidential election following Flynn’s resignation.

The gloriously crushed Democrats haplessly cling to the notion President Trump’s Electoral College thumping of Granny Clinton was the direct result of Russian spies and the hacking of the DNC.


The Trump Administration poses a mortal threat to their entrenchment in government, and so has enlisted an army of Democrats, some Republicans, the "never Trump" die-hards, leftist thugs and anyone else they can browbeat into participating in what can reasonably be defined as an insurrection. They mean business.  They are the embedded political enemythe Dark Lord of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings.

I defer now to Michael Walsh’s piece in National Review:
Make no mistake about what's happening here: this is a rolling coup attempt, organized by elements of the intelligence community, particularly CIA and NSA, abetted by Obama-era holdovers in the understaffed Justice Department (Sally Yates, take a bow) and the lickspittles of the leftist media, all of whom have signed on with the "Resistance" in order to overturn the results of the November election. 
Mike Flynn, a good man who saw the enemy clearly, and had the courage to name it, saw Russia not as an enemy but a geopolitical adversary with whom we could make common cause against Islamand who also vowed to shake up a complacent and malfeasant Intelligence Communitywas its first scalp, and an object lesson to new CIA Director Mike Pompeo should he have any reformist notions. As for the media, having previously failed to take down Trump aides Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, Flynn was the next best thing; their joy today is unbounded. 
So what must Trump do now? First, complete his cabinet. Second, fire every fireable federal employee in the leak-prone agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency. Third, start taking operational security seriously. Fourth, assume everything you say will leak to the media and be spun as malevolently as possible. Fifth, trust nobody.
Finally, it is being widely reported that Vice Admiral Robert Harward was offered the job of National Security Adviser.  If Harward accepts, he is likely to bring in his own team, from deputy on down, with a focus on national security types with some experience under their belts.

According to Foreign Policy, Harward thinks of himself as a national security professional—and indeed once served on the National Security Council staff, during the Bush Administration. Before that, early in the Afghan war, he headed the Special Operations task force in Kandahar.

Harward also would work well with Defense Secretary James Mattis. When Mattis was chief of Central Command, Harward was his deputy. Mattis trusted him enough to put him in charge of planning for war with Iran. Mattis has urged Harward to take the NSA job.
UPDATE February 16, 2017 @ 6:15 PM: 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Articles Of Impeachment?

Disney announced its quarterly earnings and ESPN's income declined 11% compared to last year. The drag on earnings and revenue from ESPN led to a quarterly miss of estimates for ESPN's parent company Disney.  Fortunately for Disney the company has made smart strategic moves in other arenasbuying Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel among othersthat have helped to defray the coming collapse of ESPN. 

ESPN is losing millions of subscribers and viewers that add up to billions of dollars a year in losses and is on the hook for tens of billions of dollars in sports rights costs in the years ahead.

Per Nielsen's most recent estimates ESPN now has 87,859,000 cable and satellite subscribers. That's a loss of over 13 million cable and satellite subscribers in the past several years, costing ESPN in the neighborhood of $1.3 billion dollars per year.

The network is in panic mode and desperate for relevance since its decision to become a social justice warrior network. ESPN has become MSESPN. 

According to The Washington Post, the network reached out to President Trump’s staff inviting him to fill out a bracket on camera, just as The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer had the past several years. The network recently received word that Trump declined. An ESPN spokesman said in a statement: “We expressed our interest to the White House in continuing the presidential bracket. They have respectfully declined.”

Andy Katz, the ESPN basketball analyst who conceived the idea, would have been disappointed if President Trump had accepted the offer.  He would have entered AMERICA in every bracket.

In other sports news, New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft said his Super Bowl Champion players are free to go to the White House to celebrate, or not.  Last week six members of the team joined Hillary Clinton among the people who won’t be going to the White House.

Monday, February 13, 2017

*Your President May Vary

The Insult Dogs Of The Hysterical Left

At my age the current music culture has left me behind.  The genre of urban contemporary music is not my cup of tea.  Given the mood of the country, the Grammys featured several moments of political commentary, ranging from calls for unity to blatant criticism.  It has been thus for a while now so tuning into the awards was not on my list of must-see TV.

There was a moment on the red carpet last night that created a maelstrom of controversy involving a young singer-songwriter named Joy Villa.  She entered the lion’s den wearing at little number at the 2017 Grammy Awards by designer Andre Soriano.

“It’s more so about love,” designer Andre Soriano told the Hollywood Reporter. “We all live on this planet. I’ve never been in the political arena. However, it’s just so crazy that people are getting beat up because they voted for Trump, or this and that; someone wants to bomb the White House. I am an American, I moved here from the Philippines, and I highly believed in the trueness of what this country can bring. It’s about bringing people together, that’s the message.”

The interesting part is the same people who were triggered by Villa’s dress, and judging by the tantrum on social media there were many, are the same people that inspired the designer to make it.
Talk about a Tweet not aging well: 
Villa's music sales skyrocketed after the singer wore a pro-Trump dress at Sunday night's 59th annual Grammy Awards. “I Make the Static” jumped to the top of Amazon’s Movers and Shakers and reached No. 7 on the iTunes Top Album chart.

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

Men have higher body temperatures than women. If your heating goes out in winter, I recommend sleeping next to a man. Men are like portable heaters that snore. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Desperate to carve a path out of the wilderness, Democrats are now pushing the narrative Hillary Clinton was “least surprised” by her loss to Donald Trump.

Granny’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, told CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garret “…she had held onto this dream of being the first woman president, I think she came close to not running.  She went in with a lot of reluctance because she knew what would happen with the press coverage of her.  She knew what Republicans do to her.  I think she’s one of the people who’s least surprised that she lost.”

Palmieri continued, “She was less surprised of the rise of Senator Sanders than others and Trump’s win.”

Also discussed was the controversy surrounding Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment which resulted in significant backlash in the media and from Republicans.  “She screwed up, and she realized it that night,” Palmieri said. “There’s no question it did real damage.”

Raymond Buckley speaking at The DNC Chair Candidates Forum at the Baltimore Convention Center on Saturday night had a cluebat for Dems:

Saturday, February 11, 2017

There’s No Butter In This Churn!

In addition to scrutinizing the handshake between President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe yesterday in the Oval Office the media crybabies continued to beclown themselves over black plastic covering the windows at the private Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, FL where the two world leaders got in a game of golf.  Reporters were not allowed on the course to watch the pair.
Jill Colvin’s tweet was blisteringly trolled by Bobby Zafarnia:
Lassoing the press during Granny’s Fourth of July parade appearance was mock-tastic to be sure, but the deceitful hypocrisy of the press pool and the press in general is egregiously insulting.

Santiago Lyon, Vice President and Director of Photography at The Associated Press, opined in The New York Times in December 2013:
Manifestly undemocratic, in contrast, is the way Mr. Obama’s administration—in hypocritical defiance of the principles of openness and transparency he campaigned on—has systematically tried to bypass the media by releasing a sanitized visual record of his activities through official photographs and videos, at the expense of independent journalistic access. 
The White House-based press corps was prohibited from photographing Mr. Obama on his first day at work in January 2009. Instead, a set of carefully vetted images was released. Since then the press has been allowed to photograph him alone in the Oval Office only twice: in 2009 and in 2010, both times when he was speaking on the phone. Pictures of him at work with his staff in the Oval Office—activities to which previous administrations routinely granted access—have never been allowed. 
Instead, here’s how it’s done these days: An event involving the president discharging his official duties is arbitrarily labeled “private,” with media access prohibited. A little while later an official photo is released on the White House Flickr page, or via Twitter to millions of followers. Private? Hardly. 
These so-called private events include meetings with world leaders and other visitors of major public interest—just the sorts of activities photojournalists should, and used to, have access to. 
In response to these restrictions, 38 of the nation’s largest and most respected media organizations (including The New York Times) delivered a letter to the White House last month protesting photojournalists’ diminished access. 
A deputy press secretary, Josh Earnest, responded by claiming that the White House had released more images of the president at work than any previous administration. It is serving the public perfectly well, he said, through a vibrant stream of behind-the-scenes photographs available on social media.He missed the point entirely.
After four hours at the club, the president tweeted a picture of himself and the prime minister on the golf course to the burning consternation of the press. 

The Hard-Hitting Journalism Of The Washington Post Navel Gazers

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe visited The White House yesterday.  He is the second world leader to meet with President Trump since taking office a scant 21 days ago.

The two leaders agreed to discuss a bilateral trade framework in the wake of America’s withdrawal from the 12-party Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Rather than focusing on the dangers of allowing China to dominate regional trade standards, protecting against their theft of intellectual property and halting their intervention in our economy, The Washington Post, instead chose to parade their weapons-grade stupid.
We know President Trump is concerned with appearances—especially when he's on television, or in front of news photographers or large crowds. 
We also know that President Trump is concerned with hands—how large they are, how strong they arejust look at them!
Trump is also a well-known germaphobe. He initially shunned shaking hands with supporters on the campaign trail. As president, protocol compels him to shake a lot of hands, though. 
And recently, he's taken part in a few handshakes that we'll just call "intense" for now—most recently, a bizarre moment with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe on Friday. 
Whether it's just habit, or a way of asserting his power, Trump has a habit of pulling forcefully on the hand he's shaking. We've spotted it now in handshakes with Vice President Mike Pence (on election night) and with Judge Neil Gorsuch (on the night Trump nominated Gorsuch to the Supreme Court). 
This afternoon, he did it again, with Abe. 
Trump even took time out to compliment Abe's "strong hands"—or maybe he was just referencing his own. 
But Trump doesn't always tug on the hands of those he's greeting. When Kanye West visited Trump Tower in December, the two dapped like old friends. 
While it's admittedly a small thing, little glimpses into Trump's thinking can give us an idea of how he handles these situations. But let's be honest—we already knew Trump likes to be in control.
To say I’m disappointed in this report is an understatement.  They failed to point out one of President Trump’s shoe laces was 1/16th of an inch longer than the other.  What’s up with that?

Did President Trump bow down to the Japanese Prime Minister?  Asking for a friend.

Friday, February 10, 2017


The Democratic establishment persists in praising every little tweet their two-time loser deposits in the Twitterverse.  Yesterday was no exception.  When the San Francisco-based “nutty 9th” Circuit Court of Appeals declined to block a lower court’s ruling on President Trump’s travel ban she tweeted this:
Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, could not let Granny’s impudence go without an equivalent retort tweeting this zinger slamming her to the ground:
Trump Senior Advisor, Stephen Miller, chimed in as well:
And then he finished her off with this blistering boomity:
Apparently Granny needs to be re-taught the same lesson ad nauseum.  She never seems to comprehend the fact she’s even more irrelevant today than she was back on Election Day. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mean Tweets: Elizabeth Warren Edition

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Great Moments In Mean Tweets

The 30-year-old Casey Anthony—once described as “one of the most hated women in America”—who was famously acquitted in 2011 of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, joined a protest against President Trump at Mar-A-Lago club in Palm Beach.

Via Observer.comSince Hillary Clinton’s presidential election loss, rumors have circulated that speculate about what she will do next. In trying to predict Clinton’s future—from running for mayor of New York City to hosting her own TV show—the idea has also been advanced that her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, may enter politics herself. Though being the progeny of the widely-disliked Bill and Hillary should disqualify Chelsea, the Democratic Party’s cultist obsession with her family’s access to a vast network of wealthy donors leaves any congressional race of her choosing open to Chelsea if she wants to run.


Chelsea Clinton’s potential emergence into politics opens the door for Democratic opposition to continue citing the litany of scandals and disastrous policies championed by the Clintons. The only good to come out of this would be for Chelsea Clinton to lose a congressional race, thereby re-teaching a lesson the Democratic establishment has continuously failed to learn.

Drum Roll, Please!

Years ago when I first started blogging, I encountered a fellow traveler in the conservative blogosphere who worked at the Charleston Daily Mail.  He is the author of Exceptional Americans, Exceptional Americans 2 and Trump the Press:  Don Surber’s Take on How the Pundits Blew the 2016 Republican Race

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit praised Trump the Press noting, "You should also listen to Surber, one of the few who clearly saw the Trump Train coming. Scholars of this election should read his Trump the Press. But probably won’t."

Don is also the proprietor of the popular blog Don Surber.

Don’s fourth book, Trump the Establishment: The Elitists Never Learned in 2016, just published and is available on Amazon.
“Trump the Establishment uses Surber’s quick wit and deep research to chronicle President Trump’s spectacular rise. Trump’s was an asymmetrical campaign that fooled critics and pleased his supporters. 
From Clinton’s questionable activities to the media’s inability to grasp the difference between Trump the celebrity and Trump the CEO, Surber shows how Trump challenged and beat the establishment on his own terms. Voters in thirty states chose to dump the status quo in Washington, and Make America Great Again. 
Trump won despite Clinton’s massive campaign war chest. He won despite overwhelmingly negative news coverage. He won despite losing every debate. He won despite a tumultuous personal and financial past, and still, the elitists don’t understand why.”
I hope you’ll consider buying his book.  You’ll be glad you did.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Social Justice Bowl

For weeks prior to Super Bowl LI, pundits and lefty media types were appallingly prayerful singer-songwriter Lady Gaga would launch an anti-Trump tirade during the halftime show.

There were even published reports stating the NFL ordered Gaga to be non-political.  The League issued a denial saying those reports were patently false.  Vegas oddsmakers were so obsessed with this Hillary sycophant’s bizarro act that wagers could be placed on whether she would wear a pink hat or an “I Voted for Hillary” T-shirt or her hair would be some color other than blonde or whether she would appear on stage completely nude.

Instead Gaga gave an upbeat performance singing a few lines each of “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land” and reciting the “one nation indivisible” conclusion of the Pledge of Allegiance wearing a silvery, big-shouldered bodysuit and high-heeled boots as she was lowered into NRG Stadium on suspension cables in a well-rehearsed spectacle that set the Intertoobs on fire.

One can only assume corporate sponsors of the Super Bowl fervently believed the anti-Trump tirade would materialize which explains why so many Super Bowl commercials seemed to deride President Trump’s immigration policies.

The incontestable evidence of their social justice hysteria and their intense desire to make us all subservient to their promoted messages of inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism came from Coca-Cola, Audi, Airbnb, Budweiser and 84 Lumber.

You lost the election. GET OVER ITIt’s time you started wearing that millstone around your neck with some grace.

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

“And yet another moral occurs to me now: Make love when you can. It's good for you.”  Kurt Vonnegut


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