Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hillary: Manifestly Guilty

Once upon a time you could look forward to journalists and the media excoriating a scandal-ridden politician instead of toiling furiously to cover up their scandals.  Despite being manifestly guilty of multiple felonies, the poodles in the press and her intellectually bankrupt and fawning idol worshipers deny the existence of her serial corruption.   They deny, deny, deny.  They just don’t care.  For them it’s all good.

While speaking in Chicago at the International Women’s Luncheon, Clinton acknowledged her bleak polling numbers on honesty and trustworthiness.

“A lot of people tell pollsters they don’t trust me.  Now, I don’t like hearing that.  And I’ve thought a lot about what’s behind it.  And you know, you hear 25 years’ worth of wild accusations, anyone would start to wonder.  And it certainly is true—I’ve made mistakes.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t.  So I understand people have questions.”

“It is possible to change people’s minds by marshaling facts and making arguments to rebut negative attacks, but that doesn’t work for everyone.  You can’t just talk someone into trusting you.  You’ve got to earn it.”

"So, yes, I could say that the reason I sometimes sound careful with my words is not that I’m hiding something, it’s just that I’m careful with my words," Clinton said. "I believe what you actually say matters. I think that’s true in life and it’s especially true if you’re president."

Clinton continued, "So, I do think before I speak, and could say that political opponents and conspiracy theorists have accused me of every crime in the book over the years."

"None of it’s true, never has been," she said. "But accusations like that never really disappear once they’re out there. And a lot of what people read about me in certain corners of the internet and a lot of what Donald Trump says about me is just that same nonsense.  But—I know trust has to be earned.”

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